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caroljones Good Morning M. Principal - Subscribe
Wow....what a way to start the day. I guess this could be considered a wake up call that there will be a few bumps along the smooth path. So, I would definitely begin by taking a deep breath, whispering a prayer, and counting to ten.

The important thing at this time would be to first find out the condition of the boy, Jeff. I would call the hospital and ask to speak with a nurse on duty to first find out the severity of the injury. I would then, based on this information make the decision as to whether or not I should go visit the emergency room, or speak with the mother over the phone. I would want to make sure the mother knew that we, as a school, are concerned always about student safety and the well being of our students. I would let her know that we will be glad to do what we CAN do to help her and make sure Jeff knows we have his best interest at heart. I would also notify the appropriate school personel (other administrators or superintendent, if necessary) of the incident and ask for their input as to what the follow up measures should be regarding the incident.
I would then begin the investigation into the accident once I knew the appropriate school policies pertaining to events occuring off campus. I would ask the mother and or Jeff if he could identify the specific student(s) who hit or kicked him. I would also ask if there were other students who might have witnessed what happened. Upon gathering the information, I would handle discipline as necessary. I would hope the parent would exercise her given rights and contact authorities to report the incident.
I would follow up with the parent discussing options for making sure her son arrived safely at school. I would also speak with Jeff's teachers and other school personel to keep an eye on Jeff to make sure he feels comfortable and safe at school.
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caroljones Complaint From Teachers Mar 6th, 2006 10:59:33 pm - Subscribe
Well, the first thing I would consider is the teacher(s) who have made the complaint. Are these teachers ones who are simply looking for a complaint, or are they sincere?
I would then consider the clerical aide in question:
*have their been previous complaints?
*has there been previous concerns regarding the aide?
*are there other issues involved?
One of the roles of the administrator is to evaluate all personel through formal observations, and walkthroughs. As the campus principal, I would use all documentation procedures necessary to resolve this situation. The clerical aide is just that, and if in fact, she is stepping out of her role, she will need to be reminded of her duties while at work. I would ask the involved teachers to write down their specific complaints to be submitted and to document any activities deem that Mrs. Bowman is doing that are inappropriate. I would spend some time watching Mrs. Bowman and her interactions with peers, coworkers, and her child's teachers. I would also give Mrs. Bowman appropriate feedback in regard to her job performance. If necessary, I would put a growth plan in place for Mrs. Bowman with specific areas she needs to improve on. I would find ways to compliment Mrs. Bowman on positive actions that are seen, and I would encourage the teachers to do the same. If Mrs. Bowman continues to act in an unprofessional manner, I would recommend that she seek employment elsewhere and follow the proper procedures for termintaion. I would hope there would be a positive resolution for the situation. In order for Mrs. Bowman to truly feel a part of the Social Studies Department, all she may need is some positive feedback and not feel as though she is criticized for everything she is doing. However, if there is validity to the complaint, the principal must make sure the best environment is available for the faculty and students. So if this means Mrs. Bowman moving on, good luck to her in her future endeavors.
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caroljones Breaking the Sound Barrier Mar 18th, 2006 5:58:22 pm - Subscribe
Well it sounds as if noise is definitely the issue in this situation. As the campus principal, my first objective is to ensure the learning process is successful. I would begin by setting up a meeting with Mr. Clark. I would ask him questions that would help him to reflect on the situation: do you feel the noise is an issue in your classroom; do you have any concerns about the education that is occuring in your classroom; is there anything I can do to help you? I would then allow him to state his views and make him feel that his concerns are important. I would let him know that I am going to be coming through to watch the students and him to monitor the situation. I would then ask his mentor to also contribute some strategies and or techniques to help with the classroom management. I would hope this would provide Mr. Clark with a non threatening support system to help him. I would also offer to send him to a workshop on classroom management.
The other concerns might be to place some sound buffers in the classroom, like area rugs, or have the students paint on pillowcases and hang those to help buffer the noise in the classroom.
However, my first and foremost concern would be the classroom management conducive to learning. I would then follow up with more classroom visits, and then intervene as necessary.

caroljones The Concerned Mother Mar 18th, 2006 6:32:32 pm - Subscribe
Upon reading the message the following morning, I would first set up a meeting with the teacher Mrs. Cross. Knowing the situation may already present some tension, I would want to give the teacher time to validate any information she has concerning the child or parent befoore returning the call to the mother.
I would ask Mrs. Cross to bring any information that she has regarding the student in question, such as a copy of his grades, some possible work samples, etc. I would then give Mrs. Cross the time to set the stage for me with what she has done to help Joey to be successful in her classroom. I would ask her about specific interventions she has used and what other possible strategies she has used with Joey. I would also ask her if the grades were an issue, if she has suggested tutoring to help him to get caught up. I would ask what she felt the reasons were for Joey's lack of success: if there is a reason to look into testing him; or is this an effort issue; or is he simply not understanding what is expected.
Getting to the root of the problems would be a concern for me before I meet with the parent and making sure that I understand what the teacher has done to help Joey as well.
I would then set up a meeting with Mrs. Cross and Mrs. Dull to discuss the concerns in a meeting where all parties are involved.
I would also encourage both of them to talk to Joey to see if there is something they are missing that might be going on to interfere with his learning process. Teenage years pose many issues and this may be a warning sign to everyone involved that there may be more to the issue than they are aware of.
I would then follow up on Joey by making classroom visits, and speaking with Mrs. Cross about him in the near future.

caroljones The Unhappy Foreign Student Mar 18th, 2006 7:03:29 pm - Subscribe
It sounds as though Yhi-Min Ho is just having a difficult time adjusting. I would try to find out as much information as possible about Yhi-Min Ho's background and his interests. It sounds as though he is happy among the AFS group. Maybe more activities could be pursued involving some of the other foreign students. I might also look into his interests and see if there were some local organizations that might peek an interest for Yhi-Min Ho. Maybe if he could become involved in some groups where he shared a common interest this would help his transition.
After doing some background research, I would suggest setting up a meeting with his host family, including Geoffrey and Gregory. I would then discuss the situation, and see how the family felt, and if they had some ideas that might help Yhi-Min Ho feel better about his foreign experience.
I would have Mrs. Welder make sure she stayed in close contact with Yhi-Min Ho and the host family to monitor the status of the situation. Maybe another host family who is hosting another foreign student would provide a comfort zone for Yhi-Min Ho. If all possible resources have been exhausted, maybe an early return home would be best. After all, the interest of Yhi-Min Ho must become the priority. If he continues to be unhappy, this will not be the positive experience it was intended to be.
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