Barbara Shouldn't Be Promoted
Date: Apr 21st, 2006 11:13:43 am - Subscribe
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Well, as a parent, Mrs. Marshall, can write a letter and request her daughter to ge retained in G-3. If she feels this is the best thing and truly feels her child is unable to be successful without help, then she can choose to exercise her rights as Barbara's parent.
I would be sure to talk to Mrs. Nelson and find out what her input would be, but according to the information provided it seems as though the parent has a pretty good understanding of the ability of her child. I am sure that the teacher would have information regarding any interventions that had been made or any programs that Barbara might have been recieving to help fill in her gaps. It sounds as though a meeting might need to be set up with the teacher, the parent, and myself to decide what will be the best decision for Barbara for her future in education.
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