Health Hazard
Date: Apr 16th, 2006 10:21:49 pm - Subscribe
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Well, upon recieving this memo, I would fist contact my district superintendent, or personnel director, and inform them of the memo. I would let them ultimately handle this scenario as it could become volitale.
I would feel that this person, Mrs. Penn has violated patient confidentiality, and should not just get by with her accusation without recourse. If I personally had to handle this, I would after talking to district personnel ask that we have a meeting with Mr. Wonderful, the superintendent, and myself. I would encourage Mr. Wonderful to press charges if he thought his privacy had been violated.
I have thought about this from a couple of different perspectives, and although he may not pose an imminent threat to the students; I would feel that he should make the district aware of the situation to provide for his own protection, as well as other students and personnel. He may have some protection due to discrimination laws, however, the ultimate concern of all should be the safety of the students. I would have to contact our school lawyer to find out the appropriate measures to follow.
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