The Shooting
Date: Apr 16th, 2006 9:48:46 pm - Subscribe
Mood: serious

What a nightmare! I do feel this could be one of the worst case scenarios for a school leader to have to deal with. In one second everyone on the campus becomes at risk and in serious danger.
The first thing I would do is have the secretary call the code identified as the crisis code on the campus to lock down all doors and classrooms. I would immediately call 911 for emergency care and police backup. As I was talking to 911, I would have the secretary get ahold of the district superintendent and other district personel as our crisis plan dictates. I would get the school nurse and any other school staff qualified to help in CPR or emergency care and head towards the victim. Once I was there I would try to get all students who were in the cafeteria into another room and away from the scene, upon making sure they are all uninjured. This would hopefully allow for the medical care needed to be provided without more chaos. I would have the teachers and students who were in the cafeteria provide written statements regarding the incident, preferably with thte counselor in the room in case this creates more emotional reactions for the students involved. Since the counselor is trained to provide assistance inthese traumatic times, I would feel this would be necessary for all involved.
Upon dealing with the rest of the incident, I would follow the steps outlined by the established crisis plan until the situation was resolved and all students and faculty were safe. I would also make sure the parents of the victim were called immediately and notified of the accident. Due to the quick spreading of rumors as the accident report leaks out, I would make sure and follow a media plan as well to make sure the correct information was given to the appropriate sources in a timely manner as not to create more of a chaotic situation by all parents and community members. Meanwhile praying that the injured student will be okay as well as all I am responsible for during this crisis.
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The CPS Dilemma
Date: Apr 9th, 2006 1:38:19 pm - Subscribe
Mood: powerless

I would be glad to meet with Mrs. Bortz. I would allow her to voice her concerns and listen to her with concern. I would then explain to her that we are required by law to follow certain guidelines when it comes to reporting cases to CPS. I would also let her know that we do take concern over these situations and follow up accordingly if the situation deems necessary. The next thing I would remind her is that each of these reported cases are confidential. The parent that got in touch with her is seeking her support, but this can and will not be provided in this circumstance. I would also let her know that we will not discuss the situations regarding CPS at all and this is completely out of her hands. I would thank her for her concern and let her know that we appreciate her support at the school and all she does for the organization.

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Let's Do Lunch
Date: Apr 9th, 2006 1:33:08 pm - Subscribe
Mood: reluctant

I would call the representative back and explain that I had a conflict and would not be able to attend the lunch. I really would not appreciate being put in a position of this nature regarding me choosing one company over another. It is also sometimes difficult as an administrator to be making plans on such short notice. I would feel this could lead to a conflict of interest and would want to steer away from these as much as possible. I would also tell the representative that I would be glad to hear his proposal when it was presented to the faculty. I would thank him for the offer but conveniently be busy.
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To Teach Or Not To Teach?
Date: Apr 9th, 2006 1:28:39 pm - Subscribe
Mood: greedy

Well, I would hope that the board knows the responsibility involoved in teaching a class full time. I would remind them that being the instructional leader of the campus is my primary responsibility. In order to be available to meet the needs of the campus I need to be availablt at any given time. Also due to the demands of the principalship, I will be gone to meetings, observations, workshops, etc that would require a substitute for the teaching assignment. I would really want to think about if this is what was best for the students.
In response to the teachers wanting the principal to remember the demands of teaching, I would respond that I was a teacher previous to this position. I would also provide the documentation that showed my visibility through walthroughs. Through these I am staying abreast of the things that are going on in the classrooms.
I would suggest a possible alternative to this decision might be my subbing for a teacher or being a guest speaker a couple of times per semester which would allow them to see me as a teacher, but would still allow me the time needed to do my job effectively. I would also remind them that with the era of high stakes testing, I am not highly qualified to teach every area and want the students to have the best teachers we can provide for them.
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The Out of Control Student
Date: Apr 9th, 2006 1:09:36 pm - Subscribe
Mood: punchy

The first thing I would do is suspend Cassandra for three days and then follow up with a further investigation of the situation. I would have each teacher write up their version of the incident to allow for proper doicumentation. I would then encourage them to press charges on Cassandra with the local police regarding their state of being assaulted and threatened.
I would assign punishment to Cassandra for each incident as the student code of conduct allows, placing Cassandra in an altermative education setting for an extended period of time. During which, I would make sure the counselor was meeting with her regularly to help deal with her anger and aggression.
I would then make sure that both teachers were sent to a CPI training where they learned the proper techniques to handle irate students if further incident were to ever occur.
Hopefuuly this would help to resolve the situation giving everyone the proper time to cool off and reflect on future incidents of this nature.
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