Teacher In A Rut
Date: Apr 16th, 2006 10:50:31 pm - Subscribe
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Unfortunately, I have been partnered with a teacher like this! It is a difficult situation and requires some pretty positive interaction on my part.
In my own experience the teacher I have worked with seems blind to the way she treats the students. I have a very difficult time understanding how screaming at a group of kids accomplishes anything. I don't think she even realizes her attitude towards the kids or teachers as being negative, as a matter of fact, she is quick to even point this out in other teachers. I find that rather interesting!! She always leaves at 4:00, she is quick to point out that she is not paid after that time. She rarely initiates anything fun in the classroom, it seems as long as the students are quiet and leave her alone, she doesn't seem to care if they understand or not. She seldom contributes to lesson plans, and simply walks in and asks me what we are doing today. It tends to bring everyone in the grade level down and does not promote a positive atmosphere.
This has truly posed the question for me as to what I would do as an administrator working with these types of teachers. I know a major factor to consider is to be visible and make sure the teacher knows that she is being monitored frequently. Maybe this would help her to realize that she is difficult to deal with.
I have also wondered if putting her in charge of some staff development might promote for some positive interaction, as this would compliment her on her years of experience in the given grade level. Or possibly setting her up to mentor another teacher that needed help with planning in a given area. Maybe these types of duties were enlighten her again to the fun of her job. I am not sure moving her at this point would help, as I am sure she would not feel this was a positive. Maybe by doing some of these things she would renew her excitement. If not, maybe by being a visible part of her classroom, I could come up with necessary documentation to put her on a professional growth plan that would make her change her ways. And either she will conform or find another job.
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