What's the Matter with Craig?
Date: Apr 16th, 2006 10:33:28 pm - Subscribe
Mood: misunderstood

Could this be a case of differences in personality? This would be the first area I would address. I would consider the teachers involved and try to form a plan of action. Before making quick judgement, I would set up a meeting with Craig and get his side of the story. I would want him to validated for his expertise and experience. I would then ask each of the other teachers specifically to provide documentation regarding their own personal take on what the true issues were here.
I would initially see this as an opportunity to work on team building within the group. I would have them work together to problem solve and figure out a way to make this a positive situation for all involved. I would offer to be a part of their meetings to encourage participation and feedback. I could see this as the women not being accepting and criticizing Craig regardless of his helpful contributions. By being a part of the team meetings, I would be able to discover some strategies that might help to bring this group back together as a team. If this did not work, maybe moving one of the team members into another position would allow for some insight into the working relationships with all involved. I would continue to monitor the situation and provide support as necessary.
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