I am a bad blogger
Date: Jun 26th, 2005 1:16:39 am - Subscribe
Mood: resentful

It has been a while. Hell it's been forever! Death, Re-Birth, Destruction, Rebuilding, and in the end I am for the short time in a state of refreshing clarity. It never last long clarity, but while you have it THINGS are GOOD. I could be less vague but that would mean going into the past several months and I have already lived it once.

Quote: "If we don't change direction soon, we'll end up where we're going"

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Non radio Music
Date: Apr 18th, 2005 12:18:22 pm - Subscribe
Mood: alive

My friend finally got his studio site back up. He's doing creative commons licensing through his label. It's cool if you got a band and you want to Sell CD's. Plus he has started it up with several of my friend's albums. The music is free to download.
Plus you can comment on the music.

The main site is,


This Studio is based in Dallas Texas USA but the label doesn't care where you are when it comes to printing and selling CD's. Maybe on day I will get off my ass and record my album.

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Liquid Inspiration
Date: Mar 7th, 2005 8:54:00 pm - Subscribe
Mood: moodless

Today was a good day. Work had finally broken the trial of endurance. Which mean for the time being there are no crises, no emergencies, and no rushes! Which is good, because I don't know how much more I could take? So I worked and then went and bought me some new boots. Sweet action! Then I had a crazy dinner. Blue cheese stuff tenderloin, asparaguses, garlic mashed potatoes, and a full body wine. . I'm getting week you see. Somewhere along the way I lost the fire that would have kept me from eating such a meal out of principle. Let me explain why I have this guilt.
Years ago there are several ways that would have explained me. None of which would have been nice. I grew up hard, hell I grew up fast. I fought everything; I so wish to have society blood marking my face. It was me against the world, so alone I don't even remember when the self destruction started. I was a bad seed, I had my hart on a shelf and I didn't care. I place everything in points of my own personal war against everything. Reversionary mind space at the time. An old punk sort of view. But one day someone came up to me and said they wanted to give me a job. Wait I'm missing something important. See you have to understand that when this all happened, Computers where not a common thing. Now amazing enough this wasn’t that long ago. But being computer savvy was a whole underground thing in its own right. So I ended up getting busted big time for some umm well questionable computer usages. Well that's when this offer of a job popped up, amazing timing. Yes that happened back then. Well the unnamed company gave me the job and then basically got me off the hook. Yes can you say sell out.
Over the years my success and achievement had risen. Hell I barley felt the Tech Crash so to speak. Well over the years I have started becoming soft. Picking up more and more of the bad habits. I will never fit in that world of people, but its comforts are like a sin that can't be refused. I live in a limbo day after day. Not being able to fit in with the people that I work with and around and no longer sharing the strife and struggles of the people that I most understand from growing up. It's how I justified my weakness guess. Some say it's growing up, some say it's treason of my core. I don't know but I can say that it's a double edged sword. Well any whey it was a good day, as good as it's been lately. Inevertold, I will right you a great ending to the story as soon as the creative juices start flowing again. Hope you are popping on to read a little, I haven't see you on in awhile. (Yes I am chatting you up, well I guess that's what it is. )


Quote "there had got to be a heaven, because I've already done my time in hell"
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Vacation Planning
Date: Mar 3rd, 2005 1:59:21 pm - Subscribe
Mood: copacetic

It's getting close to vacation time. I haven't decided where I am going this year. It's been awhile since I have been to Western Europe, and I was in Asia last year. I went to a weeding in mountains of Central Mexico earlier this year, so I don't want to go their again so soon. Australia is an option, but I might want to plan a trip where I can do some surfing while I am around (means going somewhere where I can get my board wet a little before going.). Hum I don't know. Not a life changing problem, but it's on the plate.
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Power outage
Date: Mar 1st, 2005 10:04:51 am - Subscribe
Mood: burned

The power went out last night right in the middle of changing my blog. I lost most of a story segment I was working on, and I can't get one of my drive to come up. So FRAK.
Now I am just trying to get some work done, but im still quite upset about the whole ordeal. Four hours without power. BULLSHIT!!!

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