Another Survey Type Thingy That I Stole From Chellie
Date: Aug 11th, 2005 3:30:22 pm - Subscribe
Mood: bored out of my mind

First best friend: Kourtney
First screenname: dagirl106
First self purchased CD: Ah too long ago to remember...
First pets: Conan and Tina (dogs) Cocoa (cat)
First piercing/tattoo: earrings
First musician you remember hearing in your house: U2

Last cigarette: never
Last car ride: yesterday to Walmart
Last good cry: me? crying? never.
Last movie seen: War of the Worlds
Last beverage drank: Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper
Last food consumed: quasadilla
Last time showered: um....jk
Last shoes worn: flip flops
Last disappointment: work
Last shirt worn: green one..still wearing it
Last website visited: youth reborn
Last word/s you said: "Who's gonna ride your wild horses?" haha a song im singing

What color socks are wearing: barefoot
What's under your bed?: let's not go there
time did you wake up today? 9:30! no work!
Where do you want to go?: Kourtney's House
Where are you going to live?: Here probably
How many kids do you want?: don't really care right now

Current mood: happy
Current music: U2
Current taste: ?
Current hair: in a ponytail
Current clothes: shorts and green shirt
Current desktop picture: little fish following a big one
Current color of toenails: pinkish
Current hate: nothin really

Are you double jointed?: yeah my wrists and ankles...haha
Can you roll your tongue?: no
Can you raise one eyebrow at a time?: nope
Can you blow spit bubble?: heck yes
Can you cross your eyes?: yeah
Tattoos?: nada
Piercings and where: ears
Do you make your bed daily?: of course...not

Which shoe goes on first?: hmmm i think right
Speaking of shoes, have you ever thrown one at anyone?: haha yeah
On the average, how much money do you carry in your wallet?: i don't have a wallet
What jewelry do you wear 24/7?: watch
Favorite piece of clothing?: sweatshirts

Do you twirl your spaghetti or cut it? twirl
Have you ever eaten Spam?: yeah
Favorite ice cream flavor?: mint chocolate chip
How many cereals in your cabinet?: i can't eat cereal
What's your favorite beverage?: soda pop
Do you cook?: sometimes

How often do you brush your teeth?: every once in a while...jk
Hair drying method?: my towel
Have you ever colored/highlighted your hair?: yeah it is right now

Do you swear?: not on purpose
Do you ever spit?: not on purpose

Animal: any baby animal
Food: baked spaghetti
Month: september/october
Day: Saturday
Favorite Cartoon Character: haha because of Chad...Sheen!
Subject in school: Math...hehe
Color: purple
Sport: volleyball and track
TV show: Full House

The CD player: U2...haha
Person you talk most on the phone with: either my mom or Kourtney
Ever taken a cab: they don't have them here
Do you regularly check yourself out in store windows and mirrors: who doesnt?
What color is your bedroom: lavender
Do you use an alarm clock: most of the time
Window seat or aisle: window
What's your sleeping position: upside down
Even in hot weather do you use a blanket? yeah i can't sleep without a blanket on
Do you sleepwalk: ya...
Do you talk in your sleep: oh yeah, but not in english
Do you sleep with stuffed animals: heck yes!
How about with the light on: nope
Do you fall asleep with the TV or radio on: yeah
Do you like to snuggle: love to!
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Date: Aug 10th, 2005 1:26:08 pm - Subscribe
Mood: messed up

Arrrrghhhh my friend annoys me.
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Blowing up the dishwasher...
Date: Jul 7th, 2005 1:26:38 pm - Subscribe
Mood: Stupid

Ah.. so it my first day of work and I have to watch a 9-year-old, a 8-year-old, and a 5-year-old. Just my luck. In case you didn't know...I hate little kids. They're cool when they grow up but when they're midgits it just bugs me. Alright, back to the dishwasher. So the house I'm at has like two sinks and one facuet thing right? An both sides are full so I'm like "okay I'll do the dishes." So I load up the dishwasher and look for the soap right? And it's in the cabinet and I grab this big bottle of soap and fill up the two little slots. Then I start the cycle and leave to go set up a dvd for the kids to watch. The little 5-year-old's like "I'm thirsty" so we go into the kitchen to get her some Silk (soy milk, she lactose intolerant). She starts freaking out. I'm like "oh she a little kid, that's what they do." Then she's like 'what's that white stuff coming out of the dishwasher?" So I look and just my luck, the stupid dishwasher is leeking out some soap. So I open the dishwasher to try to stop it. BIG mistake. All this soap comes rushing out and it knocks me down and by now all three girls are watching me and the little one's crying and I'm all soapy and...the phone rings. So of course I answer it. It's the mom. Shoot. She's all like "how's it going?" and I'm like "everything's fine" and the little 5-year-old is like "mommy she blew up the dishwasher!" Crap. Luckily she thought the girl said "loaded the dishwasher" so I didn't get in trouble. But now I got to clean up this mess. I'm covered in soap and have three little kids all freaked out. So I tell them we're going to play a game. It's called 'Soap Adventure' and you have to clean up the mess without getting any soap on you (I didn't want to have to wash all their clothes). I was already out because I was soapy. So the three little kids clean up the whole mess without me helping! Then I put the dishwasher on another rinse cycle to clean the dishes. I change my clothes and we go back to watching the movie...Oh I forgot. There was one more rule to the game. 'Don't tell mom, because she might get jealous that she couldn't play.' And they don't! So I'm off the hook. Then Jordan comes home and I tell him what happened. He's like "which soap did you use?" I'm like "the stuff under the counter." He pulls out the bottle I used. "This it?" he asked. "Yep." I said. Then he's like "This is laundry detergent." Why would you have laundry detergent underneath the sink? So don't ever put laundry detergent in the dishwasher...

Haha sorry this is kinda confusing...I'll post about the brownies later...I gotta go to work cool.gif
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Posting for Chad II
Date: Jun 30th, 2005 9:45:47 pm - Subscribe
Mood: tired

Don't you feel special now, Chad? Two posts for you. So you want to know about my jobs, eh?

Job #1- Working at a daycare taking care of kids. Oh yeah that's LOADS of fun. Haha there was this one boy there who was older than me. That was weird...

Job #2- Berry picking. I think my hands are permently pink and I always somehow get whacked by some pokey plant. But it pays good.

Job #3- This is my favorite job because I don't really do anything. My bf's mom picks me up every other friday and drives me to their house, which is like 50 miles away. Then she and Jordan (bf) go to work at a fireworks stand. Lucky me gets to watch three girls, a 5-year-old, an 8-year-old, and a 9-year old. All I really do is feed them when I feel like it and put them to bed. Then at like ten o'clock at night Jordan and his mom come home and me and him hang out until really late. Then I go to sleep in one of the girls' room. I do this Saturday and Sunday and then I go home.

There's my jobs at the moment. But I'm supposed to go work somewhere else in July. Oh yeah next time I post I'll tell ya about the time at Jordan's house when I blew up the dishwasher and burnt the brownies...but that's a different story...haha now you better leave a good comment!
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Posting for Chad
Date: Jun 29th, 2005 10:56:38 pm - Subscribe
Mood: uber-sore

Haha Chad you're so special that you get your own post! Yay! But I don't really have anything to say to you because I save that for the

Like I said on one of Chad's comments, I do have a life away from the computer. I've been at volleyball camp the past two days and my last day is tomorrow. yeah it was pretty short, but that meant they drilled you extra hard. So I'm uber-sore right now but it's all good.

Oh and I have three different summer jobs right now...but I don't want to talk about them at the moment...I'll post again later...
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