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celebrate Baptized - Subscribe
It's such an amazing experience getting baptized. I got baptized on March 5th 2005 with two of my best friends, Heather and Doug. All I remember was the water was SO cold! The three of us were hugging to keep warm. Doug went, then me, then Heather. It's was so cool. I felt like I got closer to God. My friends and I are even closer than before...if that's possible. They're like my siblings. If I can figure out how to work the picture thingy, I'll post one of it.
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celebrate Homework Mar 11th, 2005 6:06:41 pm - Subscribe
I absolutely hate homework! I just can't stand it! This weekend I'm so busy, that I don't have time to do it. In fact, I have to leave in two hours to go to Youth Choir. Then right after that is Youth Invasion, one of my youth groups. Then I have to tackle some of my homework. Let's see what I have....

Drama- Finish a rough draft about storytelling...has to be at least two pages long.

Social Studies- Debate Questions and a paper about Washington States climate and stuff.

Algebra- Pray that I did well on the test so I can raise my grade...which is a C+. Mom's not too happy about that.

English- Do a study on Mark Twain and write a biography. Then fiqure out how he dressed because we're supposed to look like the poet we chose...kinda hard because he's a guy and I'm a girl.

Science- Remember the assignment about air flow and then do it.

Art- Finish the sketch of a tree and draw it on the final paper.

Yeah today Friday and I have to get that done by Monday. I also have to...

Teach Sabbath School this Saturday
Go to a potluck at the church.
Go on stage because they're announcing my baptism along with Doug and Heather.
Attend the Core Student Leadership Meeting this Sabbath because I'm in it.
Go shopping for summer clothes cuz I'm way too hot wearing winter clothes in 70 degree weather.
Go out to lunch with my mom and her boyfriend.
And finish an essay so I can get into the Honors classes next year.
Talk to my mom about being in band again next year...I'm playing the baritone sax.

And right now I'm on the computer when I should be doing all that...oh well.
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celebrate Cutting Mar 11th, 2005 6:14:50 pm - Subscribe
My best friend Sam has been struggling with some things. I feel really distant from her. She cut herself because someone called her fat, which is totally not true, because she's like half the size of me. She could really use your guys prayers right now.
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celebrate Check this out! Mar 11th, 2005 6:20:26 pm - Subscribe
Hey check out these sites:

They're pretty awesome.
My s/n at tddm is dagirl106 and at YR is ~*Steph*~
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celebrate Ahh.. Mar 14th, 2005 10:13:38 pm - Subscribe
Sorry I haven't been on in awhile. I'm kinda stressed and not really doing too well right now. My weekend kept going up and down..ya know? Wool I went to Youth Invasion (youth group) at my church on Friday. It was Hawaiian style. Some Tongan people came but they spoke a different language so I didn't understand them. Then I had to give a testimony...not fun. Wool it was ok but I don't really like standing on stage, you know? That was a pretty late night. I went home around 11:00pm and fell asleep. Saturday morning I woke up at like 8:00 and realized I had church at 8:30 (my church meets on Sat.). I've been having some bad dreams where Satan keeps killing me which scares me. Wool anyways I went to church and talked with my best friends Doug and Heather. Heather's getting married pretty soon so I'm happy for her.(She's 19) We had service and saw a ten year old get baptized. Pretty cool. Then the Academy sang for us. They were cool. They preached a little and I guess I was emotional or something because I cried. Then Doug (he was sitting by me) hugged me and I saw he had tears in his eyes too. Later we prayed together which was pretty cool. Yeah I guess that wasn't so bad. Then there was potluck. Heck yes free food. Yeah but my church is vegan, and vegan fake meat is nasty tofu sponge thing...gross. Then we sang for the fun of it and I heard Doug and Heather sing and I said I wish I could sing like you. And now Doug, who's in charge of youth choir, said I can and is making me join youth choir...even though I hate singing in front of people. Then me mommy took me shopping..yay! But it's really hard to dress modest with the type of clothes they sell now. So I was pretty mad when nothing fit. But I got a few shirts and a skirt. Ahh! I haven't worn a skirt in years. Sunday we pretty much did nothing. But I missed my friends birthday parties (yeah one turned 14, one turned 13 and one turned cool.gif That made me really mad. And I don't know what to give my mom for her birthday. Dag too many March b-days!

Wool all that sounded pretty ok so here's the bad stuff:

My BF (yeah I got one) parents are going through a divorce..same thing I went though...some abuse issues. I really want to see him or talk to him but he's not home because he's staying with friends until one of his parnts get custody. Yeah so I was crying because I haven't seen him and I might not for a long time and divorce...well it sucks.

I got too much dang homework!

I've really seperated from God ever since my baptism...the devil's been attacking me.

Stupid nightmares about me battling Satan and dying.

My friend Sam stopped cutting but now she's really mean to everyone and won't let her BF, who's been my friend since kindergarten talk to me because she thinks I'll steal him, which I won't because we're just friends.

I haven't seen my dad in over a month because he's been sick and I want to see my step-mom because she's pregnant but I haven't been able too.

I can't go on the mission trip because my parents won't let me leave the country...let alone this state.

Ahh...I just reread this and I'm sorry if this is whining...I just needed to type...
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