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celebritys GRAND OPENING (: - Subscribe
hey. my name is _____.
haha! you will never know (:
You can call me Celebrity Stalker.

Why am I called the celebrity stalker?
Simple.. I know everything about anyone I want to know about. Confused? Well all you have to know is that this is the best website to read if you want to know about DISNEY STARS.

DISNEY STARS are my main focus.
I know whos dating who, who broke up, whos in new movies... anything.

I will post new info every day.
If you have a specific question for me that you want me to answer on the blog, (for example, Who is ___ dating?) then email me and I will post it asap.

my email is

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celebritys KUNG FU GRIP - jonas brothers Apr 27th, 2008 5:14:16 pm - Subscribe
if you dont know what im talking about ..
It is a song [by the jonas brothers] that was in talks to be on their last album, the Bonus-Jonus edition.
But in place of it, they decided to put Take a Breath on the album.

They did NOT want this song to be released, because it may be on the NEW ALBUM [which is coming out AUGUST 12 for those who didnt know].

but here is a short clip of the song!
[nick is singing]

She's got a smile
That I'd die for...
Everyone knows that I'm
A prisoner of war
For her, yeah

Sometimes I wish
I had a kung fu grip
Never let her slip away,
she'd be my girl

I really wish she knew,
What I feel is true
She'd be my darling, I would be her hero too

I'm so in love.
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celebritys MILEY CYRUS WITH BOYFRIEND Apr 27th, 2008 5:28:46 pm - Subscribe
havent you learned by now?!

well more pics were released.
by now you have all probably seen the ones of her of her in her underwear & bikinis and with her friends.. etc.

well recently pictures of her with her NEW BF [THOMAS STURGES] were leaked on the net!
ps. thomas sturges is a Junior at Mira Costa High in Manhattan Beach, CA.

also, it is rumored that Miley is topless in the new issue of Vanity Fair. But no one can tell yet..

and if you are going to just comment bad things about miley. please save it.
i still love miley and support her.
She is amazingly talented and SHES JUST A TEENAGER, GIVE HER A BREAK. every normal 15 year old girl does this stuff! its just since shes in the limelight as a "perfect good-girl" that she gets all this crap for it. shes not a slut and BY THE WAY she did NOT cheat on Nick Jonas with Wesley Quinn. The break up was basically mutual.

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celebritys SLEEPOVER PICS- CHELSEA STAUB Apr 27th, 2008 5:54:44 pm - Subscribe
so many pics of Chelsea Staub have been popping up recently! Pics of her and her friends out partying.. and more recently, pics of her sleeping over her friends house have been leaked.
There not necessarily "bad" because i mean she IS 20!

bytheway.. if you didnt know:
Chelsea was going out with Steven McQueen (costar of Minutemen) but that was BEFORE minutemen. Then she went out with Jason Dolley. They broke up, and now Chels is back with Steven.

now here are pics of Chels with steven...

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celebritys SKETCHPAD - DEMI LOVATO Apr 27th, 2008 6:03:23 pm - Subscribe
DEMI LOVATO just landed a role in the new upcoming disney channel show, Sketchpad!

Her character's name is Jenny.
Nothing else is known about this show, just that she is signed up to do the pilot.

More info about it coming asap (:

bytheway, filming for Princess Protection Program just finished and Demi&Selena are BACK from Puerto Rico!
Check out their youtube account for videos of the cast (:
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