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celebritys DEMI DISHES NEW ALBUM - Subscribe
Demi Lovato dished to MTV on her new album Don't Forget and film Princess Protection Program: 'I did a duet with the Jonas Brothers on my album, and we wrote the song together.

It's like a breakup song, and it's called 'On the Line.' It was important to have them on my album because, I mean, just look at how successful they are.

I would love to have their input anytime, because they're obviously doing something right. There's a song I wrote myself that I hope fans will react to and connect with. The song is about feeling insecure and just not feeling pretty..

I hope girls my age can relate to it, because I just felt like there needed to be a song about how not everyone has confidence. I know it sounds cheesy, but it's true.'

Demi would like to tackle deeper themes on her sophomore LP. On Princess Protection Program with BFF Selena Gomez: 'I play a princess, and [Gomez's father in the film] is a secret agent, and he takes me into his house for security, and me and the daughter butt heads the whole time.

Because she's sort of a tomboy who wants to be popular, and I'm the princess who comes in and steals a lot of attention. Secretly, I don't want the attention.

It's a really neat story, and it's actually pretty dramatic for Disney Channel. I think this one will show off both of our acting skills, and I think it will be very good for us.'
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celebritys MILEY IS A DIVA Sep 3rd, 2008 2:18:35 pm - Subscribe
Miley was seen at Space Mountain with one of her friends with the Fast Track Passes.
Her Demands were:
- Not to be seen
- No one else can go on the ride
- Don't talk to her
- Don't show any emotion
- No Autographs!

And the people who worked there obeyed every rule, but Miley still flipped out on the whole staff, and started yelling at the top of her lungs at them.
The Security Guards who were with her, had to APOLIGIZE for her behaviour, SEVERAL TIMES!

The Manager of Space Mountain.

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celebritys WELCOME TO HOLLIWOOD Sep 3rd, 2008 2:25:19 pm - Subscribe
emi Lovato's new Disney Channel sitcom 'Welcome To Holliwood', is now going into production according to Acting Info.
Starring: Demi Lovato - Holli, Tiffany Thornton - Tawni Hart, Brandon Mychal Smith - Nico Doug, Brochu - Grady and Allisyn Ashley Arm as Zora Story.

Demi plays Holli, a talented 15 year old Midwestern girl who, after a nationwide search, is chosen to travel to Los Angeles to join the cast of the most popular and long running teen sketch comedy show on TV.

Set around Holli's home and work life, the series will feature
a show within a show, with fully produced comedy sketches.
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celebritys MILEYS SWEET RIDE Sep 3rd, 2008 2:28:50 pm - Subscribe
Miley Cyrus has ordered a fully loaded, convertible white Mercedes-Benz CLK 550 Cabriolet with a sticker price of $75,000, according to In Touch Weekly.

'I definitely want to get something bad on the road, big enough for all my friends and to scare all the cars away from me. I'm a good driver but it's everyone else that I'm worried about!' A source revealed: 'Miley wanted special..

..options like parking assist and a cream colored leather interior, so she ordered the car early. She's telling everyone that she hopes to get a car when she turns 16, so when it comes, she can say it was a surprise from her parents.'
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celebritys JB HOSTING PRE VMAS Sep 4th, 2008 4:21:23 pm - Subscribe
Jonas Brothers will host the Pre-VMA's MTV Special.

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