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KUNG FU GRIP - jonas brothers

Apr 27th, 2008 5:14:16 pm - Subscribe

if you dont know what im talking about ..
It is a song [by the jonas brothers] that was in talks to be on their last album, the Bonus-Jonus edition.
But in place of it, they decided to put Take a Breath on the album.

They did NOT want this song to be released, because it may be on the NEW ALBUM [which is coming out AUGUST 12 for those who didnt know].

but here is a short clip of the song!
[nick is singing]

She's got a smile
That I'd die for...
Everyone knows that I'm
A prisoner of war
For her, yeah

Sometimes I wish
I had a kung fu grip
Never let her slip away,
she'd be my girl

I really wish she knew,
What I feel is true
She'd be my darling, I would be her hero too

I'm so in love.
mood: lovestruck
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