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Quick Check-In

Jun 24th, 2005 3:01:50 am - Subscribe
Mood | smashing
Music Pick | Walt Mink - [self-titled]

Sorry I haven't been keeping this up for awhile. I've been, how do you say, busy - you know, with things.

To quickly update:

Eamon - more teeth, less sleep. Still skootching, can get up on hands and knees no problem. Sticks all sorts of weird things in mouth.

Dissertation - Getting committee together, reading - veeeeery sloooooooowly.

Vacationing - Going quite well. Lots of time in the sunshine, and another day on the river tomorrow. Going to attempt my first Class IV run at the Miracle Mile on the North Fork of the Middle Fork of the Willamette.


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anonymous July 10th, 2005

Has the man gotten you down? For there are no more rants for which to ponder our existence.


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