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chalupa New to this... - Subscribe
So here goes - I finally went through with my new year's resolution by creating a blog website. Hopefully this will be a wonderful cathartic release at the end of the day or just whenever I need it. My plan is to keep this a secret - well from almost everyone - at least for a little while. I want to be totally free in what I say with nothing to hide - but the catch is that after so long I'm going to force myself to share it with the world and see what happens. Will I still be willing to let it all out after that? Will I be embarassed? Will I be a star? Maybe I can be tucker max! I think this is something I need to do so we'll see what happens. Let's hope for the best right?
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chalupa Dreams & Twisted Reality Feb 10th, 2005 10:28:51 pm - Subscribe
Last night I had one of those really awesome dreams thats you just don't want to wake up from. I had spent the night talking to my "wife" so I suppose I set myself up for this dream. It was just about gettin to know a person in a relationship sense - goin from the physical to the sweet and just being silly in public about it. It's just one of those things that makes you feel all good on the inside. I think thats why I ended up hitting snooze until 1:30pm! Just wanted to stretch it out as long as possible. So yeah dreams are nice - lets hope they come true!

So then on my way to work I'm driving down the ritzy conservative main line when I see a guy who just sticks out like a sore thumb from a distance. White man curly fro, long scraggly beard, and hippie hemp clothes - nothing set him apart from a street bum until I saw the distinctive white ear bud headphones - clearly this hippie had corrupted himself to the craze of Apple and their ingenious iPod but as if that wasn't enough it wasn't just any iPod but the super overly priced black U2 iPod. I LOVE Apple!! let them make more and more and more money so I can retire off the stock I own!! WOOOOOOO!
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chalupa Da Bomb Diggity... Feb 11th, 2005 2:04:33 pm - Subscribe
Nick cartoons and especially Rugrats are the bomb diggity. Although obviously aimed at children they incorporate so many nuiances that only adults can possibly understand. They just make you think so much more than those primetime tv shows. So everyone out there - you best be respectin' nick, disney and pretty much all animation in general - those boys got mad skills so show them their well due props.

Nothin much else springs to mind right now - I just finally woke up grin.gif and oh sleeping in is so fantastic. There really is nothing better than waking up when you "want" to and not because you "have" to - of course maybe if those were the same that'd be cool for all the days you don't have the option of sleeping in - I'll have to work on that.
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chalupa The Joys of Puerto Rico... Feb 11th, 2005 9:14:55 pm - Subscribe
Last night I was just flipping through the channels when I came upon the last few minutes of MTV's show "Wanna Come Inside" and I couldn't believe what my eyes were seeing. It was my friend from Cornell, a friend who came to Jamaica with us for Spring Break, a very sexy hot friend! At least I thought so. As soon as I could I left a message and then earlier today my speculation was affirmed and it was indeed Bea!! I laughed so hard and then called my other friend who didn't stop laughing for a few minutes either. Bea is very cool, so smart and incredibly hot - don't take my word for it - check here - and was pretty much the last person I expected to see on this show but when I heard the story just now I found it justifiable, cool and she's moving on up in the hollywood world which is really cool. I tried to sell myself off first as a great husband but then decided that offering my services as a personal slave would be much better! Keep an eye out for Beatriz Castro!
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chalupa Broken Glances... Feb 13th, 2005 2:18:24 am - Subscribe
Words that speak to tonight - frustration, temptation, perfection and being let down sad.gif
At this point I'm just sorta frustrated but still have enough alcohol in me to just let my fingers go off with what they feel like writing so bare with me...

Seth and I continued our weekly ritual of hitting up the UPenn bar Smokey Joe's. As usual full of preppy, rich, hot, blonde girls - and well pretty much that combo is mostly not anywhere near what I'm looking for. BUT this one girl - idk why exactly but she was it - well I do know what I liked - her eyes were incredible - mature, wild, crazy, daring, edgy, beautiful...I'm left speechless remembering it. Down from there the nose, mouth, chin all perfect with a wonderful black beaded choker. Her attitude, her laugh, her clothes - it was one of those complete packages - an aston martin with all the perks. Now at this point you wonder why I haven't gone over to her, talker her up and brought my best game ever to the table. Well it would be because she had this dorky prep school bf who had his arm around her the whole night. But of course that didn't really stop me as I poured more and more beers and shots into me. I was telling Seth - "GOOD GOD we are going to die - its throw down time - she's SOOOO worth it - are you ready, i'm ready lets DO IT!" Of course we never threw down and rather early we decided to leave the bar so that we wouldn't die because two Cornell kids vs 300 UPenn kids just dont add up right. We went next door to a place for some fries and while sitting there who walks in - yeah thats right - my dream girl. I'm hoping it was just the drinks that made me think it but I know Seth agreed. Well we let them leave first and then walked home.

On the way home shared some of my fries with some jappy looking girls that Seth was all about but I was having none of that - I wanted to meet two people tonite - this ridiculous blonde and my wonderful wife. I have SUCH fun talking to my wife and she sounded really sexy on the phone tonight wink.gif BUT oh well - I had a fun night talking to Seth and we had some good laughs but things could have gone a lot better with meeting people or at least having sunglasses to hide what I'm looking at! Did I mention my wife sounded really hot!! I'm jealous of myself!! Well now for a couple hours of sleep before some stupid work meeting tomorrow morn'
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