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go here ..

interesting ...
my reading skills are from getting bad to worse D:
i feel like crap about it lol.

i should rule 46 myself ...

46: doubts will always exist and the future is ever bleak. embrace uncertainties.

life's a fucking game.

and and and ...

I LOVE CATS.(not the fucking module)

wow, doubly good day!
my untold inner idea of a "reversed search engine" was indirectly published and advocated on prof massimo's blog today.

lazy to explain any further but dammmmm ~
it's fucking steroids to my ego knowing that some of my sneaky little ideas are in-line with one of the world's top philosophy scientist.

not that i am going to develop on it but yay! one my seemingly retarded idea looks viable now lol. hurray!

feb 2010, day one
january was surprisingly naise.
and naturally, i am hoping to import these naise "fumes" over to feb as well.

as a start to clear my thoughts and plan out the theories that's installed for feb, i decided to walk for 2.5hrs conquering approximately 31 bus stops along the way.

from batok to gombak, gombak to TW, TW to CCK, CCK to Panjang and finally, following the 963 route, back to batok again.

TBH, i still have completely no idea what i should do for feb lol.
but either way, i feel AWESOME about boliao-ing and walking my legs off for no reason.

been revising life recently.
searching for ways and methods to remind myself that i am still a living entity that's sharing oxygen with the other 6billion homo- saipens and happy to say, walking long distances makes me feel so.

the one other semi-effective way is to rub my hair.

that will be all, bye.

i should be ...
sweating my mind over my pdw project but instead, i find myself compiling 100 pointless rules about life over the past 4days.

happy to say, i am done with it.

some rules seem redundant though, i am now unsure if i should start writing short essays for each of them or continue revising them till i am happy.

hmmmm ...

maybe ...
looking around, checking reality once more, i am starting to think that perhaps i lost more than what i have gained.
but oh well, decisions are made for executing, not regretting. what has to be done, will be done eventually.

also, rule 11 still prevails!

11: there's no such thing as a bad change. that includes your mother dying

still observing and learning what i can along the way ...

less on angsty whinings and more on my LYFEEE now, depicted in the typical way.

ytd night was chill. or that's what typical teens will call it.
mild sensation of soreness is traveling all around my left leg now and i don't know why.
did we walk much?
at night, they came over to my house and we racked our brains to come up with "fun" activities which we obviously fail to in the end.
my house is really a boring slump i guess ...
so we just talked shit, do shit and did nothing.
finally, thanks to the considerate operating system of SBS, they were forced to leave at 12 plus.
i must really enjoy sitting down, doing nth lol.


scoooooool now.

i don't want to fail PDW, but believe that i will.
have never been so desperate in completing an assignment.
retaking 2 modules for next sem will be completely disastrous.
with that, let me say a prayer.

"god, i am sorrying for buying multiple books pertaining to militant atheism and spending hours on forums debunking creationist. but but but ... if you are truly benevolent and merciful ... SAVE ME!

that will be all.
i suspect the only reason why i made this entry is because it's 9am in the morning and i am BORED ...

nvm kthxbye.

while i was taking bus home, i decided that trying to look good is overrated.

it's time to look like shit.

hoping to become a viral version of richard templar.

current progress: 31/50 rules done.

CATS and Andrew Bird
It's tuesday, the 26th of January, 7:19am in the morning.

CATS will be sodomizing me in approximately 2.5hrs time but in 12hrs time, Andrew Bird will be rubbing ointment all around my ass.

Nice day today just like yesterday ... Hopefully.

Oh and btw, i semi-fucked up my CATS report ytd by realising there's a template for it only @ 2am in the morning and spent another 45mins to brush up on whatever that's needed to be.

My body is telling me she is tired but my mind is filling up excitement not for CATS but my afternoon nap after returning from school

nice picture of andrew bird here.

fun fact of the day: i realised can be hardworking as well.

HAPPY ... i certainly am.
moving on.

i feel happier now.

with much more motivation to pass my exams.

i just want to pass my modules and enjoy my holidays.

life is more simple than you think.

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