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chillout92 salutations - Subscribe
how many blogs have i scrapped now? 5? 6, maybe?

oh well. changing i am, as people do.
Mood: so-so

chillout92 an artist is an artist Nov 20th, 2005 8:27:42 pm - Subscribe
an artist is an artist. and industry is an industry. just like hope is hope and faith is faith. two seperate things, they are.

-Let's move to Santa Monica

-i hate your stupid ego.

-A.M. is still my hero.

-The filthy, greedy music industry makes me want to explode.

this night's a perfect shade of
dark blue
dark blue
have you ever been alone
in a crowded room?

i sit here wishing it was next month and that i was in another town. quite interesting how much i want want want. it seems selfish. when so many other live just fine without want want wanting something different.

Mood: alive

chillout92 warm weather, don\'t go away Nov 21st, 2005 12:42:16 pm - Subscribe
"i'm making plans not to make plans while i'm here"

and this place is paradise i'm sure

here's my reservation

i've been lost here once before

inside a good vibration

dude, i turn around and BAM it's almost the end of November. crazy, chyea.

Mood: bewildered

chillout92 jetplanes Nov 21st, 2005 7:54:54 pm - Subscribe
layed on the pavement
it was nice and warm from the sun
"you can breath, you can breath now"
watched not one but two jetplanes
fly by, fly away
while i was laying there
in the same place
where are they going?
home for Thanksgiving,
away for work,
away from somebody
they love?
or are they like me
don't quite know where they're going?
maybe just a'swingin along like me

take this face and paint it up. still ain't a pretty sight.

he was always such a nice boy, oh always such a nice boy.

Mood: lovesick

chillout92 this album came out the year i was born Nov 22nd, 2005 1:14:53 pm - Subscribe
"i see what you don't see
turn around and
the shadows are all around me

two different people
two different places
through a one way window
with two different faces"

listening to old Blink makes me think of you. and sometimes and some places. that will never leave my memory
as long as i live.
and i think that i'm just fine with that.

i've been fighting with my mind
i've been angry and confused
for a long while
and finally
i think that i'm okay with everything.
no bitter taste left on my tongue
no negativity
because there simply is no need
and i hope you feel the same
because alas
i am sure.
that no matter what
no matter where you go
with your life
no matter who you're with
without me

i just want you to be happy.

Mood: well