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Date: Jan 3rd, 2006 7:26:49 pm - Subscribe
Mood: messy

i lost myself'

something isn't right today.
something's been getting to me.
i've been tense
and jumpy
and my nerves are getting
the best of me.

you see,
at thsie time of year,
i usually wind down.
it's usually a time
that i can stop for a second
to look at myself
and the year that's passed us by.
but there's been so much
so much going on
that i haven't gotten a chance
to really catch my breath.
as cliche as it may sound,
i haven't quite been
myself lately.
i haven't been watching the skies
and taking pictures
and writing
and daydreaming.

you know,
i'm almost accustomed to
the feeling of panic.

somebody slipped away
over the break.
things like this.
i don't know, i'm jsut
one of those pshyco people
that gets upset
for really not good reason at all.
when somebody
is no longer with us
i always feel that emptiness.
whether i knew them well or not
it's almost like
that new void in the world
is also apparent in each
and every person
who know the deceased.

'i wanna read
good news'

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