\'the spotlight strips you bare\'
Date: Jan 20th, 2006 8:44:36 pm - Subscribe
Mood: sensual

"can you resist the urge
to burn the script we wrote?
bring on the flood
before we choke
applause engulfs the room"

this morning was blurry and smudged
around the edges
like a masterpiece on canvas
that's been left in the rain.
but in the afternoon it began
to shape up to be a clean, clear
mural of colorand shapes
in my mind, anyways.

'we'd fry our brains and write:
it's so much fun out here
when it's all over
i'll come back for another year'

you got that right, i'll be back
for another year.
Winter is one of the few things in life
that i flat out hate every aspect of.
it sounds cliche,
but i'm alive in the summer.
alive in the sunshine and the warm breeze.
maybe it's the days when you can
breath so easily
or the ones that take your breath away
like the moonlight takes the dark.
but there's just something so
amazingly perfect about the summer.

there's just some things
you gotta leave alone.
'something never do change'
don't waste your worry on
the little things that nip at your heels.

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