Your Final Essay for Cultural Aspects
Date: Jun 26th, 2008 8:59:13 pm - Subscribe
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For your final test, you are required to write an essay of approximately five to seven typed pages discussing the eight cultural traits we discussed and relate them to the movies you watched, any background information you have and things we discussed in class.

Your main content should come from the two movies you receive in our last class but any information you come up with will be acceptable. What is not acceptable is "cut and pastes" from the internet.

This essay is due on Friday, 11 July 2008. Sending me an email with your essay is acceptable. My email address is:

Enjoyed our time together and do a good job on your essays.

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anonymous - July 11th, 2008
i went 2 ur office today, but there's no one there. so i handed in my paper through e-mail. i don't know whether u have received my mail or not.and there's another problem,that is how can i return ur DVD? ur student

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