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chizel Entry number one - Subscribe
-So, this morning I managed not to burn the house down again like yesterday. Hm, might have something to do with me not being the one cooking my own breakfast x3-

Yeah, so, to clear up what I just said. Yesterday I decided to have waffles for breakfast... but had the setting too high on the toaster. I didn't know this because I'm usually in too much of a rush to get to college and Mam makes me them >.>
So, Mam & Nat leave and I go upstairs for a minute to get changed. I walk along to go downstairs, and as I'm stood at the top of the stairs I notice some smoke starting to spread to the front of the house from the directionof the kitchen. At this point the fire alarm goes off ('bout time since I could see the smoke circling 'round it before it went off).
I waft some of the smoke away from the alarm so I don't have that annoying screechy beep in my ear. So I go along to the kitchen, and I just see a shitloada smoke circling around near the ceiling, coming from the toaster. So, I take the waffles out (they must have been burning in the middle because that's where the smoke was coming from) and shove them under some cold water until I'm sure they arent smoldering anymore befoe getting rid of them.
Next problem; no back door key and I'm kinda choking on the smoke. I get the back window open and get out of the kitchen to clear my head. I notice from the bottom of te stairs that there is now smoke in the bathroom which rose through the ceiling so I go open that one too.
I then spent the next 20 minutes panicking about leaving the house when it was full of smoke but it all went out the windows thankfully and so I left and text mam letting her know I burnt the waffles so the house might smell a bit x3
But seriously I need a back door key then I wouldn't have had to wait 20 minutes whillst suffocating >:T

Anyway. Yesterday was IMMENSE after that. Theatre studies, which is always fun anyway. But, yeah. First lesson kinda lazed around in a random room fixing some minor issues. Next lesson (11.30am) we decided we'd have our lesson outside (You see, for these two lessons we have no teachers as they are with another group so have to organise ourselves). Then we gave up as soon as we got outside and instead had lots of fun lazing around in the sun <3
Then lunchtime came and even more people joined us, like the rest of the groups friends (random people who I've met but not really gotten to know) and we just all laid there on top of each other xD

And I stayed there till 2.30 I think. (So why haven't I got a tan?!)

Yeah. Now, onto today.

I ended up getting the 20 to 9 bus 'cos I'm lazy and wasn't ready intime for the 8 o clock one and somehow managed to miss the two that came after that.
Music was canny boring. 'Nuff said.
Got to performing arts, and Ms Hazel wanted to see me =O
She gave me back my performing arts portfolio... I got 17/18, 15/15, 15/15, 0/12 (lol didn't do an evaluation yet so didn' get marked in the last section >.>) BUT YEAH. If I get an evaluation done then I'm probably gonna get an A =D Even as it is it's a C :3 WOOO
And then found out Bens gonna leave college next year and transfer somewhere else 'cos he doesn't feel challenged in theatre and performing arts... it's a shame, he's dead canny, I'll miss him.
Music again next...
It's gonna be torture, 4th lesson, in the music room, in the summer, seeing all those people outside lazing around D:
Especially those fit lads >.> (so many since I go to a sports college >.<)
Then THEN got wrong for being late to singing 'cos I forgot I was meant to be early to record for my a-level ;____; Mr Ions was like "You're meant to have been early D:" and Mrs Ions just seemed thoroughly pissed off in general. -_- And I forgot some music so that didn't please her either.
But, it was sunny, so I cheered up once I go out ^_^

...yeah, better go finish my theatre portfolio now and stop procrastinting. - -
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chizel Entry number two Mar 21st, 2009 5:57:30 am - Subscribe
So, I just woke up (hooray for lying in!)
But, I had an awful dream last night. I can't really describe it as a nightmare, because it wasn't scary. But, I wish I hadn't had it because I'm confused enough as it is.
So, the start I'm vague on, and the middle too, but I'll say the few things I can remember.

I was on an open topped double decker bus, and it kept going under these bridges, but it should have been too tall, and I kept getting scared like "Shit we're gonna crash! >.<" But, we just wet straight through it like it was an illusion or something. Anyway, I saw another bus do another thing, and it was like the upr deck just suddenly had wheels and drove over the top back onto the top of the bus and merged back with it, or something. Weird. Anyway, I was going somewhere with a friend (who I don't recognise no I've woken up), but they had to leave or something.
I got there, and walked to where I was going. I think it was some kinda abandoned car park. Everything was dark and gloomy, real dark shades of grey, even he sky, and it was cold and everything was covered in water as though it had just been raining.
I went and stood by some fence on the other side, that had another carpark type thing on the other side, but under shelter. The fence was upto my waist and a mix between dark red and grey.
I got a phonecall, so I answered and it the person said something along these lines.
"I really miss you Charlotte. I always loved you, and always will. You are the reason we broke up, and I'm just trying to distact myself from you, but you are always the one I want. I hope we could at least get together as friends sometime, it would be nice to talk."
I just kinda stammered "I... I don't know..." and put the phone down (well ended the call since it was a mobile.) I stood leant against the fence hugging myself and it was raining a little.
((The person on the phone, it was Mike. As in, not Mikey from choir, but Yoshie... and that kinda scares me a little, since he kinda scares me. I'm glad we don't talk anymore. Well, that's who I think it is. It might have been Anto. Or maybe an amalgimation of the two. Who knows. I can't remember who I thought it was in th dream.))
Next I saw someone walking up to me, but I just kinda looked away and held myself tighter, feeling cold and lonely. Turns out to be Rik, who comes over to me and asks if I' ok. He hugs me and shows me how to get into the shelter I was stood next to, which I thought was blocked off by the fence.
So, he was holding me to try and keep me warm, and said why don't we have a game of 40k while we were there? So I said "Ok..." and we started setting it up. Then I got a text saying "I've realised I made a stupid mistake and wish I could have you back. I would do everything possible to see you. But, I can see you're with someone else, and I'm sure you're happy with them. That's all I can ask for you, so I'll leave you alone." I started crying so Rik was looking after me and making sure I was ok etc., getting blankets and stuff to keep me warm and things. He took me to the other side of the car park and we stood looking at the vast water and it smelled of the ocean, and looking at it upset me even more.
It was almost black, with white reflecting off it, as though it were the moon or stars, but in the sky it was cloudy and there weren't any stars or moon so I don't know where that was reflected from. And, I just stared at it kind of in a state of shock and upset whilst Rik held me.

So, I kind of get most of the dream, even the fence and two carparks, the bridges with the buses and shit, who the text is off, why I was so upset by the ocean, but I'm not gonna bother explaining it.

And, Rik. I miss him. Kind of stupid, really. He lives across the road, but I miss him. Well, I never see him IRL anymore, and I wish I did. I should probably go visit him sometime. I'm just stupid and worry that I'll be bothering him v.v. And, online, whenever he's on, he's usually set to "busy" with his college work, so I don't like to talk to him because I know he always has loads, more even than I had when I still did French (but then again my subjects all involve lots of practical things like performing whereas he has lots of essays and stuff to do).

Yesterday, I happened to be on Haunting echoes, a forum I joined a while back to RP with him. So I was looking at his profile and read some of his old blogs, like just before Christmas, and remembered just how much he hates college. He wished that he hadn't changed schools because all his real friends are at other schools, and his "friends" from college are all dicks. And then I read this: "Anyway I have two years before all of my friends go off to University, and they're all going to different ones, some to Scotland, some to London and others to other places away from me." Maybe. Maybe it's not me he's talking about there. But, my first choice of uni is in Scotland, and he knows this. So even though this was from November, and it might not be me he's talking about, it does make me feel bad that I haven't been talking to him much, and pretty much neglected our friendship, especially since I know what a tough time he's going through at college.
Hm, I think I'll get all my work finishd off today and go see him tomorrow.

I have more to write but I think this entry is long enough, and I need to get ready to go to grannys for lunch now.
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chizel Entry number three Mar 21st, 2009 6:19:25 pm - Subscribe
Yesterday afternoon was so fun. I love all of my theatre class to bits. Yeah, even Amy XD
We decided that (surprisesurprise) we'd work outside since it was sunny. And of course, we didn't work,we decided instead to relax (even though the exam is next Wednesday!)
I came home with grass stains all over, so that much should tell you what kinda stuff was happening, lol, rolling around and all. Everyone was trying to pin Oli down (And I was the only one that succeeded! >w< Although, he did manage to roll out of it pretty much straight away ''OTL) so he was like "All of you are weaklings! Except Charlotte." Ah, twas fun. The rest of the lesson followed a similar pattern.

I then went to youth choir. So we were in the church and Hilary asked for 3 volunteers to carry stuff from her car. So, Mikey and 2 other lads volunteered. I decided I'd go along too because if I stayed, I probably wouldn't talk to Kate/Ryan/Roisin/Meena, but if I went with Mikey he'd talk to me and not ignore me. So I start to follow and then I hear Ryan saying "Ooh where one goes the other follows!" so I turn and say "...what?" and he's like "Well go on, go after your lover" and then Kate started all "Do you like him?" so I'm like "" looking canny awkward as I always do when people quiz me about stuff like that. Of course the way I reacted caused Ryan to be like "You do, don't you?!" and then Kate "I think you two should go out!" as she is jumping up and down as though excited by it, basically because it wold be good gossip for her. And Roisin. Just staring at me in a way that says "'re so sad...". Anyway, I just sat down to an encore of "Aren't you gonna go with him?" and spent pretty much the rest of the night pissed off at them. But, we're gonna have a pizza party in the break between our rehearsal and the concert tomorrow so that's cool.
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