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I Dream A Dream Jun 8th, 2011 10:47:53 am - Subscribe
Mood | excited

Do you have a dream or something you want to do so badly that you always think of it and doing all you can to pursue it? Well, I do have that dream, pretty much shallow or crazy for other people, but I'm dead serious about pursuing it – going to KOREA. Yes, I want to step to the land of Kimchi, Korean dramas and KPOP! The birth land of my much loved group,SUPER JUNIOR.

Yes, it's the Korean Dream for every Kpop fans out there. It's the mecca and the holy land that a hallyu (Korean wave) fan should visit once her lifetime. Stepping in the land of their precious idols and exploring all the wanders Korea can offer. Visiting entertainment company office, idols' dorms and broadcast studios are just among the places to go to for a kpop fan like me. And of course being drowned yourself in every store that sells all the fan goods, CDs and clothing the idols are endorsing. But the most precious experience of all is meeting or seeing their idols in flesh and, if you're lucky enough -up close. That would happen during broadcasting, filming, and concerts or if lady luck is smiling at you, seeing them strolling in the streets of Seoul!

Korea indeed is a wonderland for all Kpop fans regardless of nationality or ethnicity. And I hope that one day I could be the Alice strolling in this magical place.


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Start of Something I Would Love to Try To Do~ Jun 8th, 2011 10:41:38 am - Subscribe
Mood | hyperactive
Chocolate Wings | love


First entry here. I made this page to express my random thoughts without anyone judging or pressuring me. I love to write and I have lots of scrambled ideas in my head, but I am not confident enough to jot it all down afraid that it won't be good enough. So I think this blog would be a great outlet in expressing anything I want to say without the pressure of receiving comments and opinions from people I personally know.

Then, to anyone who stumbles upon in reading this blog, thank you and enjoy^^

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