Low blood sugars...
Date: Jun 21st, 2017 6:30:29 am - Subscribe
Mood: tranquil
What I am doing now: playing the Sims 1

I have type 2 diabetes, and lately my readings are on the low side. Shar is going to phone Angelique about this later on. I have no idea why my glucose is so low. I am on a lot of diabetic pills and insulin. I'm not sure whether to ask to be taken off some of the pills and just go with the insulin? IDK. Are there other people that have diabetes in the same boat as I am on Aeonity?


My sister was rather easy to get up today. I just gently shook her and she got up. Usually she is dead to the world... lol. I had a nice english muffin for breakfast. :-) I hope that Colleen is allowed to go on the mall walk with Leslie & a bunch of other girls. If we go to Tim's after I am going to get a chai tea. My friend Coco wants me to try it. :-) My favorite tea at Tim Horton's is the apple cinnamon flavor.

I now have in my game collection, the Sims 1 & 2. I am happy and content with this. I hate the Sims3, it just doesn't fly with me. The Sims 4 I will leave to my brother. :-) I'm all about th retro stuff. ^^

Right. Leslie should be here by 9am. I might get some sleep in. :-)

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