Date: Jun 21st, 2017 5:50:35 am - Subscribe
Mood: pooped
What I am doing now: waiting for breakfast

Wow. I can NOT believe this blog is still around. I had this since 2012! That is like, 6 years. A lot has happened since then... Brigitta retired (thank god) and then we had some real bad eggs watching us, and then came Dave. :-) Dave is a special homeowner. He is different. Kindhearted. Better than any other owner. Things are more calmer now.

As for me, I am going to be 43 very soon. I cannot believe that I am in my 40's.

Right now I have a splitting headache. I need aspirin. I am waiting for the kitchen to be opened up for breakfast. I believe that Leslie is coming today for a mall walk. I don't want to go, but Shar might make me... and I guess I see her point. :-) It is a beautiful day and I will take pix with my vita and put them here for you to peruse.

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