Date: Jun 27th, 2004 11:01:56 pm - Subscribe
Mood: rejected


Don't even think about it. Don't comment, don't ask what's wrong. Leave me the fuck alone. Everyone.
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I return...
Date: May 9th, 2004 12:23:16 am - Subscribe
Mood: restless

I have returned to update this here emoblog.

What a nice happy interface, i like it, but it lacks all my friends who can comment...oh well.

Today was cool, singing and carwash and abscense of lady. Well the absence of lady certainly wasn't cool...not at all. I want her to come back. Right now...oh well i'll go sleep and dream.

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Date: May 3rd, 2004 10:11:14 pm - Subscribe
Mood: calm

Damn it i broke down and made a livejournal today...sorry emoblog peoples i'm a total cave...go read it or just wait for me to update this one too...
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Date: May 2nd, 2004 4:04:05 pm - Subscribe
Mood: restless

My aunt and uncle visited today, whoo great fun...my uncle's a funny guy. Yesterday fashion show/comedy show was pretty cool. I'm glad i went and the car wash was mostly a success. The best part of the day was by far after the car wash and before the show...hehe i love bayfront. Today i must go to choir, oh how i am beginning to despise it...oh well i'll quit after this year. Tonight i even have to stay late and wait for my dad to pick me up..ergh...oh well anybody want to visit me between 6:30 and 7:00 tonight? oh well that's what i thouigh....c ya
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Fridays...\'nuff said.
Date: Apr 30th, 2004 11:31:02 pm - Subscribe
Mood: damn happy

Fridays kick major ass. Everything about today was awesome, even getting hit in the face and my nose bleeding was cool. After school i had a picnis with the lady and later Ian, Ross and Brandon showed up. Hilarity ensued...Lolz. The rock show tonight was pretty awesome! Even thoguth the one band blew, the others were good and the night just rocked for other reasons as well....(sigh) wow.
Now i should sleep though, but tomorrow, everyone come to Wal-Mart from 1-4pm and get your car washed, hopefully it'll be warm enough for me to take my shirt off...and of course everyone wants to see that.... tounge.gif
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