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Nov 2nd, 2005 9:32:35 am - Subscribe

Gah! I havent been on here in a while. Ha, thats what I say everytime I come on here.. I forget I have a blog!! I really need to start putting stuff in here again.. but, I'm still as boring as I ever was, so it's not like there was anything to really write about...

Well, I have a cold. Yup, a cold. I got it 2 days ago when I went out for Halloween. I didn't go to school yesterday, and I'm staying home this morning, but I have to go in the afternoon, so I have to leave in about 2 minutes to get ready to go.. Gah! *coughs* I hate colds, and I hate school!!!

Other than my cold, nothing has really been going on.. Nothing exciting anyways. Just going to school, doing homework, essays, and shit like that.

Uhm.. well thats all I really have to say I guess. Well atleast everyone now knows that I am still alive.. Unfortunatley..

mood: Sick
Music: FFTL
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avatar perfect110

November 02nd, 2005

aww i am sorry you aren't feeling well. i hate those two things too- perfect~

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