Just a poem.....not about food
Date: Jun 23rd, 2006 3:57:28 pm - Subscribe


I stagger through an immense summer morning
only after a shower leaves its bouquet here
smelling as secret lace and wild blossom

this shimmering day has burned my skin
dry like a slender page
I crack with sound, like red dirt in the wind
trails of sweat like hopeful rivers
making crooked paths in the dust

swimming in the heated afternoon
my head swirled with humid tendrils
I sit, urging the sun to move
gulping waves of sultry air, drowning in lemonade

my garden twists in agony
attempting to escape the brutal sun
tomatoes gently boil on the vine
green beans giggle in the solace of leafy canopy
carrots snuggle deep in the cool earth
sighing contentedly, waiting for Fall

even my shadow has left to look for shade cool.gif
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