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Date: Sep 6th, 2005 3:03:25 pm - Subscribe
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well as another day has gone by without my handgun permit getting here, i have made some progress. i called the handgun carry permit office in nashville this afternoon while running around town and the lady and i talked for about 22-15 minutes and she informed me that i had been cleared and placed on the issuance list. she said it should be here within 2 - 3 weeks!!! grin.gif when i heard that i was excited!

i also had to give her my new address and get it squared away so it can go on my handgun carry permit when it gets here.

as funny as it sounds, it almost slipped my mind.. i am going to kingsport on thursday to take the tennessee highway patrol exam. this should be fun and exciting. though i have already been offered employment with the virginia state police, and thats where i am going 99% sure, if i get hired with the tennessee highway patrol, my life will be very very very complicated. as robert e. lee said to grant when he was offered the command of all the union forces, my loyalty resides within the state of virginia, his home state. well, i am the same way, if thp hires me, my loyalty is with my state.
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