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coushatta cancer - Subscribe
its been a while since i posted, but all is dont with the surgery and thursday he got his stiches and staples removed. it is looking much better and he doesnt look like frankinstein anymore. he is doing much better, he can get up and move as he wants. but he still has to be careful and cant go swimming or stuff like that. so we still have to hlep him, but i am sure he will be perfectly good in the next couple of days
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coushatta Jul 18th, 2005 12:47:25 am - Subscribe its not finished and the message on the homepage is 2 months early, but check it out, then come back soon when it is all finished
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coushatta STIRFRY! Jul 22nd, 2005 11:44:06 pm - Subscribe
I got a kid...ok a cat, but thats as close to a kid as i want to get for a LONG time! and the lady agrees with me wink.gif his name is stirfry (as in the chinese food) and he is part siamese and part something else. but he looks like a siamese, but doesnt sound like one. he has a more regular or normal meow. HES SO CUTE! i have a picture of me and him on my LiveJournal. the address is so come and see us!
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