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coushatta Written on June 1st for May 31st - Subscribe
I got my other book today in the mail "The restaurant at the end of the Universe." i havent started reading it yet, i will tonight tho. i was sleeping all day today because last night i stayed up all night working on my website, my blogs, and my forums. it was fun because it was actually peaceful. mom woke up at about 2 and complained cause i left some lights on in the kitchen. not that she took the time or thought that i may go in the kitchen for various reasons! but the rest of the night was peaceful! i also got a lot done. it may not seem it but i had to do A LOT with the coding of the site to make it do what i want and need it to. i hope all of you enjoy it. i will be updating the news section frequently, so look back for little tid bits about me. thats all i got. i am going to go read now! YAY!
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coushatta update on my life Jun 1st, 2005 7:53:30 pm - Subscribe
i am scanning in pictures into my LJ, talking to a buch of people and generally pretty busy. i am also making more inprovements to my site and my forums. when they are done, i will announce it. they should be done tonight, but not sure...keep reading for updates. it will also be posted on my site on the news section when everything becomes availible! ttyl
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coushatta SITE UPDATES COMPLETE...again Jun 2nd, 2005 12:49:17 am - Subscribe
My website's updates are complete. Yes, more updates. This time it is an Events Caledar for upcomming important dates. I hope you all enjoy the site... grin.gif
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coushatta forums Jun 5th, 2005 11:45:41 pm - Subscribe
yeah, i put up new new forums. these are better looking and better organized. go on, register and tell me what you think. of course this is for my friends only...other wise, please dont get on and talk. cause we are all religious and prolly will start talking bible stuff to you. afterall, all of our teachings are based on the bible. thats y we dont celebrate ANY holidays! think about it. if you arent one of my friends and want to know more about the bible. give me your email address
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coushatta trials and tribulations Jun 7th, 2005 11:47:38 pm - Subscribe
trials and tribulations as the bible says will befall us all, but when they hit you...they are different. even if you are not yet sure if these are real or if the trials are even upon you if you are waiting for results to find out if you have a disease or dont know, but not knowing, but knowing there is a possiblity is horrible.....well, i am afraid i have said too much.

more people need to go to my site...come on people... or its the same place...GO TO IT!
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