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I am testing out this new blog. i know it doesnt have half of the services that LJ has, but i do like the look that they give you! maybe i will do something about it. i dunno what i am going to do, either keep LJ or go with this one. not like i post to it enough anyway, but hey, maybe i will somemore if i dont have to look at the same interface all the time. maybe i will post to this one till i get bored and switch back to LJ and switch when i get bored again. you know how it goes. i am in the typing mood tonight, so this one might actually be a little longer. ofcourse everytime i say that, i end up forgetting everything i could possibly write about. right now i am in the process of upgrading my site, so i am having some fun with it. i am hoping to make it so from my personal web page you can get to this, my LJ, my forums, my chatter box, and whatever else i decide to do. it will also have some news on it and links to stuff that you can actually use! i hope you like this or whatever else i decide to do with it. and if you have suggestions (whether i should stay with LJ or what i should do on my site that would make you come back often) then leave a comment!
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coushatta Site up and running May 31st, 2005 3:00:19 am - Subscribe
I got the new up and running. there is a news section so i wont go on about all the changes and some you just have to find for yourself. I am going to be updating the site, so you can go there for any info you want on me! have fun! grin.gif

BTW, just a little random side note, this is a pretty good little blogging service, some of the features are different, but then there are some better ones too (most noticale are the smilies!) also in this one you can have a notice emailed to you when somone posts a comment, so i like that about this!

On my site, i am thinking about putting a guest book, what do you think? I dont know if I should, but it might be nice at the same time. Thanks for listening to this and welcome to V. 2.0 of my website and possibly my blogging!

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