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Date: May 31st, 2005 1:06:21 am - Subscribe
Mood: chillin

I am testing out this new blog. i know it doesnt have half of the services that LJ has, but i do like the look that they give you! maybe i will do something about it. i dunno what i am going to do, either keep LJ or go with this one. not like i post to it enough anyway, but hey, maybe i will somemore if i dont have to look at the same interface all the time. maybe i will post to this one till i get bored and switch back to LJ and switch when i get bored again. you know how it goes. i am in the typing mood tonight, so this one might actually be a little longer. ofcourse everytime i say that, i end up forgetting everything i could possibly write about. right now i am in the process of upgrading my site, so i am having some fun with it. i am hoping to make it so from my personal web page you can get to this, my LJ, my forums, my chatter box, and whatever else i decide to do. it will also have some news on it and links to stuff that you can actually use! i hope you like this or whatever else i decide to do with it. and if you have suggestions (whether i should stay with LJ or what i should do on my site that would make you come back often) then leave a comment!
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