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Date: May 31st, 2005 3:00:19 am - Subscribe
Mood: awkward

I got the new up and running. there is a news section so i wont go on about all the changes and some you just have to find for yourself. I am going to be updating the site, so you can go there for any info you want on me! have fun! grin.gif

BTW, just a little random side note, this is a pretty good little blogging service, some of the features are different, but then there are some better ones too (most noticale are the smilies!) also in this one you can have a notice emailed to you when somone posts a comment, so i like that about this!

On my site, i am thinking about putting a guest book, what do you think? I dont know if I should, but it might be nice at the same time. Thanks for listening to this and welcome to V. 2.0 of my website and possibly my blogging!

(Lizzy, notice the mood tounge.gif )
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anonymous - May 31st, 2005
hi iam trying to get one of these things, and it signed up but now it won't let me stay logged in long enough to do anything! stupid thing. i like the layouts though. if it ever starts working my blog is: (nice mood too :p).


coushatta - June 01st, 2005
i see you now got it have fun with it!


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