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crowsblood New Layout - Subscribe
I changed my layout for now. It will look amazing in the future, when I scan some of my pictures and decorate my blog with them. I can't do that now, though. I still can't get rid of that retarted 'A' symbol, I can't find what's causing it. I got rid of most of them, though. I used Macromedia Dreamweaver. I'm so lazy, I didn't want to do the tables myself.

You'll notice I deleted all my old entries. I felt like it, OK? OK!
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crowsblood Random Thanksgiving Nov 26th, 2004 11:38:06 am - Subscribe
Well, I gave random people on Emoblog happy Thanksgivings, so I didn't think it'd matter much if I posted one as an entry. I didn't do much yesterday, anyway. All I did was eat (very little!) and sleep. Oh, some random online stuff (Karasu searching . . Karasu finding . . and lots of Karasu hating x_X).

Uh, what can I say today? My mom decided to keep in the little dog, Kiwi, the one that pees. She only pees with me, though, because I scare the shit outta' her, I guess. o_O Not cool . . Well, I guess I should let her out, soon.
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crowsblood Another New Layout!? Nov 26th, 2004 11:31:24 pm - Subscribe
I'm one of those people who can be obsessive. I didn't like the other layout, and so I redid it. Yay for Macromedia! . . I'll probably redo it again! ^^ Hey, if anyone wants a layout made, you can always ask me! I need a hobby. Another hobby.

I finally got out of the house since Tuesday! I felt . . free. o_O Not really, my mom just took me to McDonald's and then I had to endure FOREVER in a thrift store.

That was my day! My online friend was supposed to update her story, but dammit she hasn't! angry.gif Oh, and I watched the movie "Elf." It was cute. Speedy ending, though. They make fun of people with chemical imbalances! ;_; XD . . Heh, I love being labeled as "mentally disturbed," although I only have mild depression. Yay for Lexapro! ^^;;
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crowsblood Oh, the Melting Snow! Nov 27th, 2004 3:33:01 pm - Subscribe
It snowed over here, but it didn't last. It's pretty much melting, now. I haven't taken a good look outside to say how much, though. You know what would be really cool for me on the holidays? For it to snow on Christmas Eve, and then to NOT melt on Christmas. My Christmases have been utterly snowless ever since I was a little girl.

We're getting a Christmas tree some time today. Yay! I wonder if we'll decorate it today, too. My poor little brother; if we do, he'll miss out! I'll be glad when he get's back from California. He's coming back tomorrow morning. I'm sure he'll be so tired, the poor little thing. --_-- I wonder what our evil Grandma Colleen said. She probably told him that my mother, her family, and I were a bad influence. x_X She's really terrible.
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crowsblood Life Is Such A . . . Nov 28th, 2004 7:50:44 pm - Subscribe
My day hasn't been the best. First off, I am not ready for school tomorrow. I haven't gone since Tuesday, I have terrible grades, and new next semester is about to start!? Arrgh! What was this quarter, anyway? It seemed it lasted, like, a week or two! Dammit, I demand a longer period before grades come in!

Second, I'm on my period. I just started today. It's not subtle, either, like every other damn teenager's in the world. Why must everything be wrong with me? I have depression, a terrible stomach, and now cramping that dubs me handicapped! I swear, the doctor won't do anything!? Take ibuprofen? That's what I do! There has to be something out there for this. God, I'm going to be one of those ladies that carries arounda purse full of medication, aren't I?

I'm sorry. I'm just so tired of the crap my body gives me! "Life is unfair" is so an understatement.

I found this on Fxckyou's blog. It's a poison fetus (obviously), since that is what I was . . when I was a fetus. x.x

I adopted a cute lil' poison fetus
from Fetusmart! Hooray fetus!

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