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You snow

Dec 21st, 2009 1:56:45 pm - Subscribe

Supplementary feed birds

Today we began to sprinkle on the snow. So after troszku but enough to tits and greenfinches flew to two feeders, which are placed at the beginning of January so as to be able to watch them from the window.

This year the sparrows arrive sporadically. I was a little surprised, because as they reached the memory was full of them. I like to look at how uwijają and what they do not dodge in order to give to approach my two cats. On Saturday I washed the windows and ... bang ... one tit struck the glass . - Calm down! - Shook up and flew away.

I enjoy a moment away from your computer to enjoy what surrounds us. I recommendhappy.gif
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500% increase on yellow paper

Dec 16th, 2009 1:44:03 pm - Subscribe

I have just received a letter from the company with whom I have a signed contract for the export of solid waste. With disbelief, I read a 500% increase. Marshal's Office since 1 January 2008 will raise the rate for the use of the environment under the law of the Council of Ministers of 6 June 2007 - Dz. U. nr 106 poz. 732.

Reason for such increases, as always when it comes to spending a significant increase in the average population, "the decisions of the European Union." Everything in black and yellow ... (because that color is the paper).

There is a black and yellow as it is called. "Fee Marszalkowska for the economic use of the environment." So much is said about encouraging Poles to return to the Polish.

Hi! Hi! Hi! I look for work abroad and if I leave, it will be one less person to śmiecenia ... and to vote.
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What is overlooked

Dec 14th, 2009 1:47:35 pm - Subscribe

Recently appeared in newspapers and on the internet a lot of questions about side effects of vaccination. So we are afraid of vaccination rather than the disease? Weekly "Angora" in the article "Resistance from the needle" raises issues which are rarely speaks in the context of vaccination. To tell the truth the first time I read that vaccination against tuberculosis can cause allergies that we will face for many years. The article refers to a statement Dr. Ewa Pietrewicz-year, which explains that the burden of tuberculin young defense system and trigger allergic pathway. The result may be not only allergy but also asthma, atopic dermatitis and food allergies. We read also that measles vaccine can cause autism poszczepienny. Some vaccines are responsible for hyperactivity, excessive tension, restless sleep and ADHD, digestive disorders, encephalitis, lupus erythematosus, multiple sclerosis, or infertility. Professor of pediatrics Robert Mendeshon believes that vaccines are one of the causes of sudden infant death. Maybe I'll use a comparison which will be a little out of place, but the issue of vaccination is also of interest to me in relation to animals. Possibility of application of the first, the earliest of the vaccine in a puppy (as in other species) account for roughly five-six weeks of life of these animals and this is dictated finalized a passive immunity (innate) which is replaced by the active resistance (acquired).

Earlier vaccination can have tragic consequences and I do not know the vet, who have agreed to advance the implementation of vaccination. Each vaccine and further repetition is tailored to the age and weight of young animals, and these principles can not be directly applied to humans.

Researchers encourage vaccination and convince us that vaccination not only protect us against measles, smallpox, tuberculosis, avian flu, but also against cervical cancer or sepsis. Regarding the effectiveness of vaccination against sepsis and cervical cancer are divided opinion. Although the exponents of neglect of vaccination side effects and risks associated with this form of disease prevention. Last autumn, as usual for this time of year, I was encouraged to be vaccinated against influenza. Previously, my former employer every year to organize a free influenza vaccinations for people interested in vaccination.

I'm a people who rarely get sick and I am skeptical attitude to the effectiveness of certain vaccines. Never szczepiłam against the flu, and if there is no vaccination for prophylactic vaccination, it is he did not give up. I believe that tampering with the natural immune system may do more harm than good. Do not forget that the pharmaceutical industry earns plethora of vaccine production, and that in this industry also operate market law and advertising.

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Amendments in my book, and the announcement of a new

Dec 10th, 2009 2:01:32 pm - Subscribe

Analyzed one thread in my book, "Call Center" and came to the conclusion that the amendments are necessary. Therefore, the dialogue has improved slightly in the passage 22 remained quietly looking at the text and prepare the next part of the publication.

Publication of the past few days ago half. To the reader: If you hit on something that you believe is not suitable for publication and find something to patch, please write to me about it in the comments. Preview: My first book is already completed and only debris correction. I collect notes for a new book, the story takes place over six years. Beginning is located in the former Czechoslovakia, some just before the Velvet Revolution, and some in Poland.

But this is just background, and the main character is a twenty-year girl who only knows the world. The working title of my new book is "student". I do not know if I have time for her as hard looking for work. Work on the book "Call Center" It took me much longer than assumed.
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It happened! Manifestation ...

Dec 6th, 2009 1:56:24 pm - Subscribe

Teachers, students and parents came out to protest on the streets of Warsaw. According to information provided by TVN 24, in an organized demonstration was attended by over 11 thousand. people.

Teachers, students and parents came out to protest against the situation which currently prevails in education and demand departure of Mr. Minister Roman Giertych. The main objections are planned changes in the educational project "Zero Tolerance", the proposed vetting of employees of the education sector, who will apply for the post such as director of the school and the amount is too low increases for teachers. On the home page of one of the web portals I read that the main demonstrations of today's slogan is "Zero Tolerance for the Minister Roman Giertych. In mid-January.

I spoke with a colleague, a teacher, and he told me that in the plans is also a project whereby each teacher will have to know at least one foreign language is confirmed by the certificate. Consulted with my wife is my friend, who lives at the other end of the Polish and confirmed that the teachers in them got this information, but do not know if anything will come of this. I tried to check in online, but none of them is found. Not a very detailed looking. If you read any information about plans to introduce foreign language teachers on the internet, because I did not came across on this, so please gave me a link in a comment to this entry.
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