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Antique lamp 100-watówkiZastanawiam whether someone in times of expensive energy purchases ametin2 yang traditional light bulbs with a power greater than 60-watt. To tell the truth at the beginning I was surprised at the information that the traditional 100-watt light bulbs from now withdrawn from production in the EU. They can be bought while stocks last. Further intended to withdraw in the future are 70-watt. Ecology goes forward. Overview of services bears little justification for the provision of EU energy efficiency compared to conventional electricity and modern energy saving light bulbs.

For ecology is usually pays. When purchasing energy-efficient light bulbs are more expensive than traditional, but from the first day to use less energy charge and the estimated recovery time of the purchase cost of one bulb is about half a year. If the lamp stand more than half a year,aion kinah kaufen apart from the ecology of the financial savings for the client's portfolio, and how to stop running before the end of six months of use, it contributes to the environmental savings in a home without a budget.

At the beginning of the use of economical, discomfort has created me to a different color of light than incandescent light bulbs. I got used to the warm colors of light years using traditional bulbs. Another issue was the shape of the energy-saving light bulbs. wow goldHappened to me, but unfortunately only after purchase noted that although the new bulb wkręcała the lamp shade and acted but did not enter a new bulb. Fortunately, the match to another lamp in the house. If the lens is mounted directly on the bulb, it may happen that it will not be held because it is too loose or too tight or has too little space on the bulb. This may be an opportunity to exchange new lampshappy.gif

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