chronic pain syndrome
Date: Jan 23rd, 2018 7:27:42 am - Subscribe
Mood: moodless

It is like there is this pain lodged in my chest that I cannot budge no matter how hard I push.
I am so tired of trying and trying without any result.
Everything in my life is exactly the same it was years ago. Every word, every comma of this story feels the same. I don't feel the pain as intensely as in those years but it is more like a chronic pain, a constant dull ache that won't recede, I want to unfeel it. But I don't know how to erase this stain off my mind.
Will I forever feel this way? Swimming against the tide and never finding a shore? Will there ever be any light? Even a tiny sparkle of a firefly would do. I don't want much, I never needed much but still it feels my whole life has only ever taken from me more and more. I am tired of the emptiness, of the holes in me. Please no more, life.

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