Omg. I HATE my family!
Date: Mar 8th, 2007 4:25:08 pm - Subscribe
Mood: Fuck you, and your damn dog!
o__o: ....-.-

Okay, so a long long while ago, my dad baught some cuccumbers at the market. They were bad cuccumbers. I said something about it. I said dad needed to inspect the veggies before he buys them. My mom got pissed off at me and said I wasn't thankful for anything my dad does for me, and I'm all like, "What the fuck?! I'm very thankful for everything dad does for me!" And we had this big fight.

Anyway. Xenimus, and online game, worked fine on my mom's computer.
My dad messed with my mom's computer to try to make it work faster.
Suddenly Xen doesn't work right, the screen is completely black. I say I think it's Dad's fault because HE messed with the computer.
Makes sense, doesn't it?! Well, Daniel get's pissed off because I'm blaming Dad. He says I'm not thankful for anything Dad does for me. I said something about if anything's blamed on dad everyone has a heart attack, and Daniel comes running at me. I thought he was going to hit me. He stopped right above me and yelled at me. Daniel hits me all the time, not with his full strength, and it hurts. I was afraid that he was going to hit me with his full strength, and that scared me.

I am thankful, and I say thankyou every time dad does something for me. Why the fuck they think I'm not thankful is beyond me.

Maybe me blaming Dad for things that -are- his fault means I'm not thankful?


If I say anything's Dad's fault, everyone gets pissed off. Yeah, Dad has high blood pressure and his hard of hearing. Yeah, he's not the healthiest person, but that doesn't mean everything he does is perfect. My family needs to learn that just because dad has health problems doesn't mean nothing's to be blamed on him.

Okay. What do I blame Xen not working right on?

Oh! How about this! Let's blame my dog. Yeah. Or lets just blame me. I'm the only one that stuff is allowed to be blamed on anyway.
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OMG! I'm posting! Can you believe it!
Date: Mar 1st, 2007 2:54:27 am - Subscribe
Mood: ignorant
o__o: o.O

Haha! It's been 2 years! since I've posted.

My life is good now.

I see a therapist once a week, in fact I'm going to be seeing her during lunch tomorrow... er... today. oO; Thursday~ March 1st.

8] My brother left for college, and my other brother came back from college, cause he failed out. x] Now he's going to a community college instead.

Erm... yeah!

Maybe... I'll post more later... 8D
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I\'m happy now
Date: Oct 7th, 2005 7:12:15 pm - Subscribe
Mood: spunky
o__o: Flabbermasterstratsfurd! =O

I am so happy now... even though I'm grounded forever and I have oss and iss =P Lmao I'm making out very well. My hunneh loves me, and I've still got all of my dreams in line. <3 I love my life now. Even though I screw up a whoooole lot. xD Oh well... I don't mind.

Love bits to all who care <3
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Protecting my baby got me threatened
Date: Aug 15th, 2005 6:17:10 pm - Subscribe
Mood: Suicidal
o__o: I hurt everyone else. Taking me away would be doing them a favor.

I took Piddles for a walk today. I passed by the Blies (Or however you spell that) and their dog went after Piddles. Now you gotta understand how big Piddles is. Piddles is a small dog. Around a foot long, 4, maybe 5 inches wide, about 7,8 inches tall on all fours. The Blies' dog is 4 times as big. I, of course, protected Piddles. I tried to keep the other dog away, and I made my way home. When I got home, I was about to start making some food, when Mrs. Blie drove up in the drive way. She threatened to shoot Bouthazar and Hezzie if they left our yard again. B and Hezzie run freely, I hate keeping dogs confined. I wouldn't mind if the other dogs came in our yard, as long as they stayed away from Piddles when they do.

I had to idea about anything my two outside dogs had done in the past, as I'm not told much about what goes on here. I also knew nothing about the dog that went after Piddles' past. How could I have? The Blies explained that the dog was hurt and beat. I did not know this. To me, it looked as healthy as Piddles, which is quite damned healthy. Now, because of me, we have to confine B and Hezzie, which, I might add, is going to be VERY hard to do, and if we don't, we'll lose the dumbest dog in the world, but still very special to our family (Hezzie) and a dog that has been in our family since we moved to Missouri. (B)

I cause everyone so much trouble... Sometimes I think everyone would be better off without me, you know?

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sad, depressed, headache
Date: Aug 8th, 2005 12:56:49 pm - Subscribe
Mood: Pissed off/depressed
o__o: Shut the fuck up and let me die.

Everyon hates me... well... that's what it seems like anyway....

I'll start from the beginning.

A few hours ago, I was chattin in a chatt room on yahell. Well, I ran into a pedophile. Two of them, to be exact. And I went to yahoo webpage to turn them in, BUT I CAN'T FIND THE FUCKIN' ABUSE BUTTON! angry.gif That pissed me off sooooo bad!!!

And then to make matters worse, my brother comes to me and has me smell a new body soap... think it's tag... and he asked me what I thought of it and I was in the middle of answering him when he interupted me and called me a poser for favoring Axe. That I liked only brand names and not the smell. I favor Axe because of the smell. I wouldn't care if the brand name of Axe was Cow Dung! the smell reminds me of James, cause that's the kind James was wearing last I saw him... David practically called me a poser for missing James... that hurt... cause that's like saying I shouldn't miss him.... And then about half an hour later, I tell David that there's nothing wrong with favoring something that reminds you of someone you cannot see anymore. David got pissed and my dad butt in. He asked me was was wrong... and a few words into my explaination, He cut me off and yelled, "DROP IT!" That made me cry cause no one listens to me... ever.

I hate my family. My brother Daniel molested me when I was younger, which has scarred me for life, and my parents arn't proud of me at all, no matter what, which hurts really really bad. (Mom put me down for the idea for me to give her my first few pay checks) And David's just hurtful! I can't wait four more years. I can't live with this family that much longer. I was happy as fuck when I was 12. Now look at me. I'm gonna be dead by my 16th b-day. I've already almost OD'd twice... almost stabbed myself... almost slit my wrists. I'm suicidal, but not insane. I just want out. And not to a mental institute. That'll make me go even more insane cause then I'll know my family really doesn't want me.

Did you know I'm the only one of the three (Out of me and my two brothers) that wasn't an accident? Yet I'm treated as I'm not even a family member. Daniel's going to college, but I don't think things are going to get any better around here. I NEED OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

End of entry... comments please. And if you have something mean to say, don't even say anything at all, cause I know you don't care about my problems. You're here on Aeonity blog cause you have problems of your own. No one really cares about my problems.
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