Omg. I HATE my family!
Date: Mar 8th, 2007 4:25:08 pm - Subscribe
Mood: Fuck you, and your damn dog!
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Okay, so a long long while ago, my dad baught some cuccumbers at the market. They were bad cuccumbers. I said something about it. I said dad needed to inspect the veggies before he buys them. My mom got pissed off at me and said I wasn't thankful for anything my dad does for me, and I'm all like, "What the fuck?! I'm very thankful for everything dad does for me!" And we had this big fight.

Anyway. Xenimus, and online game, worked fine on my mom's computer.
My dad messed with my mom's computer to try to make it work faster.
Suddenly Xen doesn't work right, the screen is completely black. I say I think it's Dad's fault because HE messed with the computer.
Makes sense, doesn't it?! Well, Daniel get's pissed off because I'm blaming Dad. He says I'm not thankful for anything Dad does for me. I said something about if anything's blamed on dad everyone has a heart attack, and Daniel comes running at me. I thought he was going to hit me. He stopped right above me and yelled at me. Daniel hits me all the time, not with his full strength, and it hurts. I was afraid that he was going to hit me with his full strength, and that scared me.

I am thankful, and I say thankyou every time dad does something for me. Why the fuck they think I'm not thankful is beyond me.

Maybe me blaming Dad for things that -are- his fault means I'm not thankful?


If I say anything's Dad's fault, everyone gets pissed off. Yeah, Dad has high blood pressure and his hard of hearing. Yeah, he's not the healthiest person, but that doesn't mean everything he does is perfect. My family needs to learn that just because dad has health problems doesn't mean nothing's to be blamed on him.

Okay. What do I blame Xen not working right on?

Oh! How about this! Let's blame my dog. Yeah. Or lets just blame me. I'm the only one that stuff is allowed to be blamed on anyway.
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anonymous - March 08th, 2007
Who says anyone needs to be blamed?
Sometimes blaming people feels good, but it's not always constructive.


daatreyu - March 08th, 2007
Uhm... Yeah. Take your own advice and please... Say something constructive. And this has nothing to do with people being blamed. You ignorant little being. This is about my brother scaring the shit out of me for saying I thought it might be dad's fault! If you don't understand my entry, don't bother posting.


emogirlie - March 08th, 2007
I'm sorry your family doesn't seem to be able to see your side. I'm having the exact same problem, and it's almost unbearable... because your family is supposed to be your base... your sanctuary. It hurts when the people who are supposed to love you don't empathise with you or try to understand. I feel for you. <3

And fuck mean anonymous bitches. I'm sick of those cowards.


daatreyu - March 08th, 2007
Thankyou. ^o^


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