i hate driving at night...
Date: May 15th, 2005 12:14:29 am - Subscribe
Mood: agrivated

i hate driving around my town at night with my friends. i don't mind riding with someone, but i hate having to drive. first of all, i'm pretty lame and don't race or go fast at all because i'm kind of freaked out by cops. and secondly, i hate when people start to follow me, even if i know them. that's exactly what happened tonight. i was driving on the one-ways with my friend and all of the sudden this car starts to follow us. i'm freaking out because i hate that stuff. it turns out to be some of the guys that go to our school. they were like hanging out the window and yelling at us. i think they wanted us to pullover at one point. but seriously, they wouldn't leave us alone for like 20 minutes. i was freaking out because i thought that i was doing something wrong, but my friend was laughing and was telling me that people just do that for fun. that kinda ruined my night after that because i didn't want to drive on busy streets in case they found me again. i'm so weird and paranoid like that. i need to loosen up a bit. oh well, i'm done venting for now.
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