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Date: Sep 18th, 2006 6:29:02 pm - Subscribe

I am thrilled about what happened to me today. I can truly say that God works in mysterious ways. In search of an area to observe, I ended up visiting a boutique and salon that I always thought was too expensive for me. I h
had planned to visit a church. I had been talking to a friend who was a member of a Pentecostal church. He was very excited about taking me with him for a visit. Unfortunately, our conversation took place on Thursday, and their services are on Wednesdays, so I was not going to have a report ready for this week.

I decided to visit “(name)”, a hair salon and boutique. The building is so unique that every time I drove by there, money came to my mind. I knew this was a place I could never afford, so I never even stop to visit the place. As I started inside the store, I immediately felt out of place. A lady approached me and asked me if she could help me with something. I quickly told her that I was just looking. She looked at me without saying another word. I looked around. I couldn’t wait to look at the prices to the clothes and jewelry.

The store not only carried clothes and jewelry, but it was also a hair salon. There was a section for men, one for women, and even one for children.. I didn’t want to walk through the area without telling the lady that I was actually on a mission, so I told her what I needed to do. She was very nice about it and welcomed me to see the entire area. As I started to look at some of the prices, I heard someone come from behind and said, “That right there would fit you perfect sweetie.” I turned around, a black lady appeared from some where and started talking to me. I said. “Thank you for your kindness, but I don’t think I can afford this suit.” The lady laughed and said, “sure you can.” In the process of our conversation, she told me that this particular store was a blessing to her. After talking for awhile, I realized that she was the owner of the store. I told her about my mission and that I was actually looking for a church to attend, but was unable to attend one. The lady laughed and said, “Did you say you were looking for a church?“ and I said “Yes ma’am, but you know how it is. Services are usually on Wednesdays.“ The lady called on all the employees to come meet me. I felt so embarrassed, because everyone’s attention was on me. She told the employees that I was looking for a church. She smiled and said, “This is a church sweetie. You see, we the people are the church. You were looking for a church and you found one. Come here let me show you around.” I was surprised to find that this place actually had a prayer room.

It was then when she started to tell me that God had sent me there because God was telling her that I needed someone to pray for me. Everyone was so nice to me. I loved the entire place, but the prayer area was the one I loved the most. Her employees were all of different cultures. Each attended different churches, but they had united to work for the praise of God. They were all there to do there job and while doing their work, they were making people feel better and comforting them through conversation. They never missed an opportunity to invite customers to go to the prayer room when in need of prayer. We talked about the different people that visited their place and routinely came back.

I saw many people in and out of “(name)”. We discussed about how equal we all are. By the time I left that place, I realized how blessed I was to have gone there for my observation. I even forgot about the clothes I was wearing. I was so comfortable that I didn’t want to leave. Betty, the black lady was such a unique lady. The name to that store was the perfect name. What an experience. She said you could call her and ask her about the wonderful observation “(name)” had provided for me. (number). I always thought this store was only for rich people. I never thought of it as having something rich to give me.

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