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When Life Throws you a CurveBall Jun 15th, 2011 2:58:07 pm - Subscribe
Mood | rebellious
Currently Playing | Nothing.

All you can do is take your best swing and hope you knock it out of the park.


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Life May 26th, 2011 9:09:49 am - Subscribe
Mood | indulgent
Currently Playing | Stone Sour - Haunt Me

Life just keeps rolling on.

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so excited! Dec 18th, 2008 8:33:00 am - Subscribe
Mood | excited
Currently Playing | three little birds - bob marley

so a ton has changed since the last time i wrote here. my wife is possibly pregnant. so far 2 pregnancy test came back positive and i am totally stoked! unfortunately i cannot tell anyone so thus i am writing it on this anonymous blog! we have been trying about about 7 to 8 months and were giving up hope of trying to conceive without those hormone products when it just happened.

she is going to the doctors tomorrow to see if our dream came true! i cannot wait to hear the results. now if it does come back true our next step is getting rid of our annoying house guest who was suppose to be gone by november, and decided to keep living with us without even discussing the extra stay. she has a serious boyfriend and i know she does not have any morals against living with another guy, she is just afraid of committment. but as far as i am concerned, she needs to find another spot to live within 3 months or else she is out. i just cannot handle her anymore, soo annoying and comes in at all hours of the night and decides to cook her dinner and be noisy.

that and with a new kid on the way we need that room to be able to setup for the kid and design it the way we want. i mean we only have 8-9 months once we find out to really get the area painted and colors done etc. so yea, after this month if she is still living with us we are going to have a talk and give her the ultimatum. i mean we have done our part being nice and giving her $250 rent without utility expenses etc. it is time she stops mooching and grows up if she does not want to live with her parents and finds a real roommate or live with her boyfriend as far as i am concerned.

anyhow that is my rant. i am soooo excited that i may be a dad in the next 10 months! i will post later on what the status is!

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the day of reckoning Feb 25th, 2008 10:46:28 am - Subscribe
Mood | childish
Currently Playing | slipknot - wait and bleed

the day of reckoning is at hand for me. I screwed up everything this weekend. not going into too much details alcohol can ruin a great thing. in a sense it helped me to have a revelation of what is important in my life and how close i am to losing something that would tear me apart.

only i could single handedly destroy everything in my world with my own stupidity. hopefully i can mend the deep gouges i have caused and become a better person from it. can a person really change their colors? i sure hope so cause i hate living like how i am living.

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Still very content Oct 19th, 2007 2:09:55 pm - Subscribe
Mood | copacetic
Currently Playing | soad - lonely day

i am still very content right now. no real worries except a paper i have to write this weekend. other than that i am good. my wife and i had a talk last night about my computer usage. recently ive been addicted to a few games and for the past month or two ive been glued to the computer.

i proposed a set time limit that was my computer time and informed her of my feelings etc. and that it was an addiction. we have agreed on the rules and also agreed that we would start trying to find stuff to do as a couple outside of the house. the problem is money for that as we do not have a lot of it, it can be hard. that and the drinking issue i explained earlier on.

so hopefully we can find some stuff to keep us busy together so she has her time with me. i know i have been bad about being on the computer but if i am bored and my choice is watch a tv show or play on the computer, well yea im going to choose the computer.

but i think our arrangement will work out good. we didnt go for each others throat and were both seemingly happy. i hope it works out for the best.

tomorrow i will probably clean up around the house and the outside before i start working on my paper, and hopefully get my paper finished and then have my game time. i have to start setting priorities as school > computer (or is it) well anyways i need to pass my class this semester which right now is not looking probable.

i had my favorite drink this morning and i love the "feeling" i get from it, which makes me feel guilty at time. caffeine, after being absent from it for a while, has a highness affect that i love. thats why i drink the drink mainly, since i no longer smoke weed and barely drink. i do like that feeling, even if mild. and the drink does not leave me all dazed up, and i should say is legal. so it works.

well hopefully with this new computer time rule it will make the wife happy and me happy that i do have my own time with it. we will see how well i do with the timelimit. i am not sure if that includes the time on the pc for hw or not...maybe we should clarify that.

oh well, till the next time i write something that does not pertain to you...later.

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