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Date: Aug 27th, 2005 6:46:47 pm - Subscribe
Mood: hyperactive
My Tunes: Whatever song is stuck in my head. Something by H.I.M

I am extremly hyper! I found out that H.I.M, Finch, and Skindred(dont really care about) is gonna be here on my birthday!! YAY! but I have no one to take me. sad.gif I mean hello, wake up and smell the coffe it is H.I.M for god sakes. Who doesnt want to go and see 'em. And if someone wouldn't want to see them, well then they sould be hurt till they like H.I.M. angry.gif I frickin' love there song "Wicked Game" and "Sweet Six Six Six"!
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she - August 28th, 2005
Wicked Game isn't their song. It's a cover.


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