Motely Crue Concert or Supposed To Be!?!
Date: Aug 25th, 2005 10:17:59 am - Subscribe
Mood: goofy
My Tunes: My Chemical Romance- Head First For Halos

Last night we were gonna go to the Motely Crue concert. My aunt went to go and get the tickets and ther were no more. The ngiht brfore there was some but not yesterday when we went to go and get them at like 1:30. So I got to keep all my momney I guess. But i am MAD and REALLY PISSED OFF about not going to the concert. I hvae been wanting to go for the past TWO monthes. Instead went to the mall (me, my cuzin and my step dad). We had funn. I got the old My Chemical Romance cd, I brought uou my bullets, you brought me your love and the H.I.M cd- Razzorblade Romance. so we ened up chillin' at her house but it was fun. WE were throwing crayons at each other.

But we are goin to the renasaunce(?) festival this sunday. and I will beg my mommy to let me get henna. I dont know why shre wont let me. It not like permanent or anything.
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