OMG!! Ppl!
Date: Aug 25th, 2005 4:17:45 pm - Subscribe
Mood: festive
My Tunes: Me and Cuzin singing \"On a Rope\" by rockets to/from the crypt (CANT SING TO SAVE...WORLD!) :)

Like hardley ANYONE commets on my stuff. Like only SHE and bitterXded and some dude by the name of sky_line commets. it gets tireding after only like certin ppl commet. so I would REALLY appreciate oif more ppl would commet! happy.gif

So Long and Good Night...
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she - August 25th, 2005
What, me isn't enough? You've hurt my feelings.


bitterxded - August 26th, 2005
Yea! You hurt She's feelings! SHAME!

Teehee. Well not too many ppl ever comment on my stuff either, not like they used to. And when they do its not a whole lot...well ok, i guess most the time it is, except for that one person who corrected a freakin spelling mistake and that was it...that sucked, who seriously cares about that?? Ok im rmbling, g2g.


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