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Birthday Nov 12, 1991
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Date Registered July 6th, 2005
Biography I managed to stumlbe on this site some how. I am 13 years old about to be 14 this November(2005). I am a little bit of everything so I in more than one catagory. I'll talk to ANYBODY to make some more interseting friends to talk to. More interesting than the ones I already talk to. LoL

Like my friends say "Live life to the fullest, cuz you only live it ONCE"

State your full name. Amanda

Do you like your name? no!!

If you could change it, would you, and to what? Yea I would change it in a sec. To Ryan

Tell me your age. I don't wanna


What do you want your wedding to be like? Not all white

Tell me the perfect setting for when you have sex. Hmmm.... Have to get back to ya about that

Have you ever been in love? No

Are you in love? Yea

Your opinions

Rock music is.. The best, but not when liked by preppy poser people.

Pop music is.. Ugly and the worse thing in the world. Worse than your mom sharing baby secerts about you.

Your thoughts on anarchy Go ahead and turn anarchy

Do you believe in God? Yea sure...


Type of music Hmmm... to many. Emo, Rock, Heavy Metal...etc..

Band My Chemical Romance, The Used, etc...

Food Frogs dipped in chocolate...YUMMY!!

Thing to do Be on the computer or play Tony Hawk Underground

Thing to say "Owie"

Person to talk to My doggy cuz she listins just fine and well

Subject in school Lunch

Parent Pffft...My rents...Don't Like

Color, and why GREEN!!!! I dunno I just like it... It's pretty...

Author Dunno read to many

Book To many to choose from


Last, just random questions and things about you.

Do you like yourself? Ummm.....sure why not

What do you like about yourself? My clutzyniss

What dont you like about yourself? My blondness

Can you play any instruments? Yea....

Are you depressed? Sometimes

Have you ever been suicidal? No..not at all

Do you do drugs? Yea.. CAFFIENE!!!!

Do you drink alcohol? no my mommy would kill twice

Do you miss anyone right now? Who? Yea my brain

What do you want to do with your life? Be a foot massage person *Big $$$*

What's something you know you want to accomplish before you die? Meet My Chemical Romance

Do you think that I love you? Who...I don't know who you are...
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