Date: Aug 22nd, 2005 9:57:56 am - Subscribe
Mood: sleepless
My Tunes: Forever More- The 69 Eyes

OMG today is my world recored for getting up in the morning during summer. I got up at 8:30! Normally I dont get up untill like about...um.....10:30 or so. But I'm also at my cuzins and in the mornming the light can actually get into her room unlike mine. My room is like a cave. All my windows have pillows and blankets in 'em so it is pitch black untill my mom comes into my room and open 'em up and turns on my light. God I hate the light expesially in the morning cuz I am not a heavy sleeper so they slightest bit of light can wake my up.

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bitterxded - August 22nd, 2005
You're such a vampire! i like the dark too but light doesnt bother me. wussy. :-) just playin. i luv my wittle cuzin!!


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