Date: Jun 9th, 2006 12:52:52 am - Subscribe
Mood: heavenly

Went out with Xiao Meowz, my girlfriend yesterday. We wanted to go ice-skating, but it was too crowed there, so we went to Esplannade to eat Haagan Daaz Ice-crean... Keke...
The fondue was great! A purrfect treat for couples like us. It consists of cookies, cakes, fruits and of course, ice cream. But the specialty was the melted chocolate, which you can dippped your food in. Normal for most, but great for us, since Xiao Meowz like anything with chocolate... Haha...
After that we went to Marina Square. We meet my buddy there, just for a while and proceeded to play at the arcade. I finally defeated her at Street Fighter Puzzle Fighter! Keke... But overall she beat me flat...
Then we went shopping. She bought me a cute tie. Thanks so much.:p
We went home at around nine plus and we kissed for the first time... tounge.gif Not exactly my first kiss, but a really emotional one for me...
Yesterday 8th of June 2006 was one of the most memorable day of my life... tounge.gif
I know I sound like a little boy... -.-
But I am one... Haha...
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