you will always be the most blessed
Date: Mar 14th, 2008 3:43:31 am - Subscribe
Mood: sadistic

The most blessed is always the one that have many choices... and in the world of two, there are many choices I can make... but in truth, you will always be the most blessed, cause... at least you can chose to throw me away or find me back, chose to hold on or to let go, chose to smile or tear... but all I can do is to

Chose to wait here for u and only wait here for u....

Chose to look at u from a distance, and only at a distance...

Chose to wipe off yr tear, but yet unable to make u smile...

Chose to tell u the truth yet worry it may take away your smile... actually… there are no choices I can make… because all I care is you to be happy always…

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Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End
Date: May 19th, 2007 8:35:44 am - Subscribe

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vice principal of a JC making a stupid remark on Poly
Date: Jan 13th, 2007 7:32:43 am - Subscribe
Mood: bitter

I was really surprise to read in the today paper about what a vice principal of a JC making a stupid remark on Poly. Being a JC vice principal don’t make you look different from other. So what give you the right to judge on other? You showed how bad the MOE is to put someone like you in that important post.

Respect should be shown to all man kind and should earn by one. JC don’t make a person look good, it the way you behave and work on things that really earn you the respect. ITE, Poly or JC is a place that for students to learn. It part of the study journey, no one is better or worst, every school share the same vision and that is the key to make the students success.

A student in JC don’t make any different from ITE or Poly. All of us are there to learn and grow, what make the different are those who wear a color glasses. And I feel that those who wear on the glasses should look into the mirror before they go on and make a stupid remake the cause the bad image of himself and MOE.

The vice principal of that JC should go back to the “art of war” and learn how a true leader should behave and be reminded that in GOD eyes, everyone is the same.

In the real world, there is some other success businessman who doesn’t even hold a cert with them, so can you say that JC can make someone as success then those who work so hard to be success? No, I will say that is the hard work that count and the things you do that people remember. There won’t be fairness, because many a time those who hold the power have the right to make final decision, but what I feel is that if Singapore wants to be a country that is fair and respectable by other, we should learn how to respect other and earn our respect first.

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leting go
Date: Nov 14th, 2006 3:09:05 am - Subscribe
Mood: pain

Leting go is never easy, but to chose between my sadness and your happiness, i will let go of you... cos all i want is you to be happy always...
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Feeling of lost
Date: Nov 13th, 2006 4:23:50 am - Subscribe
Mood: tearful

Never sleep yesterday... not sure what in my mind, but I just can't sleep... worked the whole week and just can't stop thinking of someone... It the same feeling I feel for hui... a feeling of lost, a feeling that broke my heart... maybe right in my heart, I know that she will never fall for me ba? I don't know, but I just hope that she will be happy always....

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