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10 Daily Habits That Will Change Your Life -Challenge Accepted

Posted by David  •  Nov 12th, 2014 5:02:20 pm - Subscribe | Mood: good | Music:

Here are a list of things that I will be doing for the next 2 weeks. Most of this list I do already, but I am going to follow Ben Rodrigue input and do them all.

1. Wake up an hour earlier than you have to.
2. Quiet your mind for 10 minutes.
3. An attitude of gratitude.
4. Write in a Journal.
5. Write a list
6. Exercise
7. Do Affirmations
8. Do something nice
9. Take on a big task
10. Share these ideas with other people

Read more about each one of these on Ben's Blog below, and leave a comment if you have questions or comments.

Source: 10 Daily Habits that will change your life. -seriously

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