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Accident in my Toyota Corolla

Posted by David  •  Apr 25th, 2004 4:21:15 pm - Subscribe | Mood: groggy | Music: The Altamonts - Girl, Whyd You Run Away

Well on Friday I got in an a small accident in my 2000 Toyota Corolla, first off I was not hurt or injured in anyway, and neither was the other person in the small fender bender.

Well I was driving on NW Loop 410 coming home on Friday at appox 5:55pm when I noticed the car in front of me slam on the breaks. eep.gif I did the same but at the same time merged left to avoid a collision. Needless to say I was .001 seconds to late and my car hit her Ford Explorer.

We pulled onto the soft shoulder right off of 410 and blanco and viewed the damages on our vehicals. My fender was really banged up, but her explorer only had a smuge of white paint from my car. Egh! cry.gif

She asked me if I wanted to exhange insurance information and I told her no, mainly becouse it was my fault, even if she did slam on her breaks. I made sure she was ok, with the damages on her car...and she said its 'nothing', and not to worry about it. But as for my car, well thats a whole other story.

My friends told me Im going to have to purchase a new fender. (The part that goes around the front side of the tire) and popup the small damage on my hood. Other than that my car is ok.

Well thats about it for now. I will keep you updated on damages and pricing information to get my car back to par.

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